Letter to My Dear Wisdom

Paper Type:  Essay
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  582 Words
Date:  2022-11-15


Wisdom, it has been long since we last communicated. Ever since your demise, I have never been at peace. The last time we talked you informed me that I should not give up in life instead strive to achieve excellence. Well, your words still linger in my mind. My educational experience has been great. I have been getting B's and A's of late in my exams. I am happy that I improved my grades and I owe all that to you. Do you remember your favorite quote, "knowledge is all we need in life?"

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Justus, my cousin, is doing well. I remember when we were pre-teens, and we used to have bad behavior. Do you recall when you scolded us and told us that we had to quit our bad behavior for us to succeed in life?

Last week at school, I had a difficult time. Do you remember my best friend, Gray? The one I used to come with at home every Saturday? Well, on Monday last week, as I was going into the toilets, I overheard her telling her other friends how she only likes me because I give her money. She said that she loves me as a friend, but is stuck with me because I give her money whenever she needs it. Well, I did not take her statement lightly. She does not know that I heard what she said about me. I have not spoken to since last week, and all her calls have gone unanswered. I know tomorrow we will meet during Chemistry group discussion. How should I conduct myself during the gathering? If she her approaches me how should I go about it?

Also, my cousin Justus, as you know, has a play station, which we like to play video games every Saturday evening at his place. One day, his mother found us playing an animated fighting game against each other. She did not like it and took all the CDs from him and told us only to play FIFA. Justin was visibly upset at that time, but now the problem is yesternight when I went over for the FIFA game, Justin removed the fighting CDs from his school bag and asked us to play it because his mother was not around. I felt uncomfortable because I knew when his mother came back we would be in trouble. Next week, I know I will be there too for the video game. What should I do or say to him when he asks me to play the fighting game again? Should I choose to forgo the visit next week?

At m part-time work place,, many unsolvable situations have taken place. For example, my co-worker Mary has been coming to work late for the past few weeks. After investigation, I realized that she comes late because she must pass by another co-worker's house to smoke. I feel that I should report hr to the human recourse department. Help me, what is more important, and how about the least important?


I am hoping that you will help me with these scenarios because I am unable to reach a decision that I know will help me or those I am around. My goal is to achieve in academics and work. I do not want to drop either of them. Also, my friends Gray, Mary, and cousin Justin are giving me a hard time because I still want to associate myself with them, but it has proved difficult.

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