Unequal Childhoods Interview Paper Example

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Date:  2022-12-16

I was to research on the case of unequal childhood across different families as required. As outlined, the variation was majorly due to parenting characteristics or the niche with which one's child interacted with. This was concluded from the parent and child interview I oversaw whilst studying unequal childhood characteristics. The realizations were as follows.

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For the parenting interview, I consulted Mrs. Millicent. (For her privacy's sake, she asked that we quote her that way.) She was of black ethnicity and a widower. I stated my intentions to her and she invited me over accordingly. I was keen to appreciate her home welcoming gesture. Also, I was clear to her that it was outright fine if she thought some questions to be quite sensitive and a pass wouldn't be minded. Proceeding into the interview, I was keen to question her on her personal traits which ranged from her ethnicity, work, what gender she identifies with comfortably, her education history and the achievement due. Of importance was that I identified how many children she had too. Far from her personal traits, I inquired on her relationship with her daughter on a daily basis.

The findings turned out conclusive in outlining her nature. Questioning her parenting and rewards due, she was clear to be enjoying the growth process at the life stage it is right now. She said that seeing her only daughter grow up well was everything she could wish for. She outlined that she was a single mom who was engaged in a sole proprietorship. She continued to claim a boutique which helped service her daily cash requirement. She said that the clothing business was quite involving and it required one to be knowledgeable about the current fashion and seasonal change. She was keen to say that she wouldn't identify with any gender in a favorable manner to another as a result of business which kept her open to all. More so, she was open to say that she had attained a degree in nutrition but things didn't turn out as planned to prompt her to do business. As such, in a bid to stay afloat businesswise, she banks on a daily routine where she leaves the house at 8 A.M. and gets back at 9 P.M. thereabout. Mrs. Millicent said this allowed her the opportunity of seeing her daughter leave for school, however, she wouldn't be able to see her off to sleep later that day. All in all, she maintained that she had accustomed her daughter and herself to a good one on one relationship. She contacted her course teacher on the regular and was keen on participating in school events. Mrs. Millicent described the weekends as time dedicated to helping her girl with school work and participating in co-curricular activities such as swimming and hiking which they both fancied. Of importance was that she described her daughter as disciplined and that they maintained a Godly nature.

As required too, I was lucky to be allowed a chat with her daughter Gloria. She was a fun and obedient girl to start with. Her humility struck me, which of the essence, described the nature of parenting she had received. Gloria was quick to take me around the compound so that I get more familiar. She made it known just how much she enjoyed schooling. She brought some of her homework for us to handle. In doing so, she stated that her teacher was very supportive and friendly. She also said she loves school because it kept her in sync with her friends. Far from that, she stated that she likes to swim a lot. This applied for both when schooling or even while at home. Her home keeper was somewhat her best friend. This was because they spent entirely the whole time together, except for school time that is. She said that she helped her with her assignments before they engaged in chores such as cooking and some cleaning together too. What won't go without mention, was Gloria's love for dolls. She had a couple and had named each one of them. She said that she would actively play with her dolls whenever she wasn't watching a cartoon or attending to schoolwork.


In conclusion, the interviews with the two helped depict a case example of good parenting and child raising. I noticed just how much the two enjoyed each other's presence with their relationship left to be desired. Mrs. Millicent maintained a humble nature while running her home and it had infiltrated into everyone else. The two also upheld their spiritual nature as cultured. The hosts were quite open and welcoming. However, of concern was how Millicent was consumed in business which allowed Gloria little time with her parent. Luckily Gloria's home keeper was well mature and elderly and she maintained a positive relationship with her too, although, her mom also stated that she would occasionally stay at home so as to keep their relationship close. All in all, their human nature kept me well accommodated.

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