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Watchman Nee main work was to publish man books with an aim to expound the Bible. Also, he was in the front line in establishing man churches in China. Watchman Nee also held many church conferences whereby he taught the Bible to students and people who were working in the church. During his thirty years in God's ministry, Watchman Nee had done a lot of literary work whereby his mission was to lay stress on God's word, thus helping the readers to commit to God wholeheartedly (Woodbridge, 2016). Watchman Nee also used to hold a meeting once a year with the overcomers where he would give the message that God had revealed to him. Watchman Nee built churches in many localities with the primary aim of spreading God's word. He also trained youths who had joined the ministry on how to read the scripture, to pray and how to deal with sin, the desires of the flesh and the world (Yong, 2013).

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Twelve things were of great importance to Watchman Nee during his life as a seer. He taught the revelations he got from God helping other Christians to enjoy the content of the revelations. One of the most important things taught by watchman nee was about God, who he taught that he is eternal, the first and the last, omnipotent, omniscient and self-existing. He taught about the holy trinity, in His Godhead, he is the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. In his teachings, the father is the source, the son is the expression, and the Spirit is the implication (Woodbridge, 2016). Watchman Nee also taught about the eternal plan of God towards humanity and the incarnation of God. The other important message by him was about Christ, his death, and his resurrection. Watchman Nee also taught about eternal life which he said that it is eternal both in time and nature and that it's perfect without blemish. The other messages that were important to Watchman Nee were the Spirit, Christ's redemption and salvation, the believers, the church and the New Jerusalem (Lee, 2005).

Lessons from Watchman Nee

There are various lessons that we can learn from Watchman Nee. The first lesson we learn is the lesson of submission. Watchman Nee obeyed his elder co-workers. We learn that we have to withstand the trials of the cross so that we can become complete and useful instruments to be used by God (Yong, 2013). He taught us that God delights in the Spirit of his son, the gentleness, humility, and peace that comes with it. He taught us how to be entirely submissive to the work of God, and to be a bearer of the cross.

The other lesson we learn from Watchman Nee is the lesson about the wilderness. We learn that God is always working on us despite our previous failing which helps us to know our real character. Watchman Nee taught us that we are powerless, corrupt, and our hearts towards God are not chaste. For this reasons, God leaves us in the wilderness so that we can realize our weakness before the eyes of God (Lee, 2005). In this case, we learn that we need to experience the wilderness so that we can understand that we need to love God and also to realize that we are insignificant and not so important people.

The other lesson that we learn is the purpose of the law. We learn that the law was not given to man to keep, but it was given to man to break and violate. For this reason, we learn that we are not saved by our works but by God's grace because we are corrupt, unrighteous and weak. When we are saved, we become powerless, and that we should accept the cross of Christ both in our mind and hearts. By doing so, we shall to with the laws of God (Yong, 2013).


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