Lesson Four on Technology Reflection Essay

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Date:  2022-05-09

Technology has affected various aspects of human life and war game is not exceptional; tremendous changes have taken place in the way people participated in war before the invention of technology differs significantly from the current approaches to warfare. The development of sophisticated war weapons has made it easy for human beings to conduct an attack without efforts (Wiener, 2017). According to the reading, various aspects of war game have been advanced by the technological development; first, the number of casualties and mortality resulted from a war event has increased significantly. For instance, the number of casualties during the Napoleon war wage was estimated to be around 6,000,000; the number tripled in the World War 1 which took place almost a century later. This is a clear indication that technological development made it easy for the attackers to target a large mass of people at a ago and cause significant effects on the targeted groups.

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Also, killing became indiscriminate as cheap innovations such as the aerial bombardment and strafing was introduced. In the process, the innocent people may end up being killed by the mass destructions caused by the war technology; this is one of the major drawbacks associated with the progress. Unlike in the past where arrows and bows were used and they could only be used to target individuals of interests, the bombing in the current society destroys both the targeted and unintended individuals because of their vast destruction nature (Dwight, 1961).

Technology has not only affected the weapons and gadgets used in the warfare, but also, the tactics employed in the war. Technology continues to advance with time and this shows that superior gadgets are likely to be developed that will be deadly for human beings. For example, it may reach a time when people do not engage in war physically, but rather, use computer directed weapons and robots to cause an attack. Therefore, there is a huge fear for the future of technological influence on the war game. How will human beings counteract the computer generated weapons? Also, is it ethical to use such weapons in the warfare. As much as technology plays a major in the war game, there are lots of concerns regards its ethical values. It is apparent that the moral world has been transformed into a problematic system by the impersonal structures of mechanized and bureaucratic society (Milgram, 1973). People can senselessly use technology to cause massive destruction because the sense of human has been lost.

According to lesson 4, the introduction of technology and automation in various aspects of human life were meant to enhance efficiency and make work easier. For example, the introduction of machines in the labor market, reduced the time taken to accomplish tasks as well as reducing the cost of production. However, does the indiscriminate killings as a result of the use of technology in war game an improved efficiency? Yes, it may be an effective way of killing people; however, there are much threats presented to human life with this trend. Also, the value of human life tends to be reducing since the technologies have no consciousness and thus can kill mercilessly (Marcuse, 2013). The increased nature of destructions seems to be the main agenda behind the development of technology in the war game as evident in lesson four.


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