Labor Unions: Enhancing Employer-Employee Relationships - Report Sample

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Date:  2023-10-15


The labor unions play a significant role in ensuring that there are favorable working conditions and environment for the employees (Fossum, 2015). One of the key roles of the labor unions is that they enhance the relationship between management and employees. During grievances in the corporation, management needs to consult the union before issuing any disciplinary actions towards the workforce (Fossum, 2015). Some disciplinary actions are severe and may be termed illegal under the labor laws and may lead to unfavorable working conditions for the employees. Therefore, the management needs to involve the unions when making decisions on the disciplinary actions of the employees (Fossum, 2015). This helps in establishing ambient arbitration. The involvement of the unions helps in ensuring that there is legal compliance and good relations between the employees and employers since collaborative decisions are derived.

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Arbitration Process

Attorney’s involvement in the arbitration process has its pros and cons. The incorporation of attorneys leads to positive relationships between the conflicting parties since arbitration is undertaken by a third party (attorney). It also helps in time-consciousness during dispute resolution as the attorney implements critical thinking skills (Fossum, 2015). Another significant advantage is that the information flow is smooth and open. Both parties candidly display their positions, and this helps in the provision of informed judgment by the attorney. The decisions derived from the arbitration are collective and joint; therefore, there is no form of bias in the decision-making process (Fossum, 2015). However, there are cons in the attorney’s arbitration process. These include harsh treatment and relationships between the two parties and the severe restrictions of both parties. The involvement of attorneys leads to the wrongdoer being treated as a convict in the eyes of the law (Fossum, 2015). Hence, there are harsh legal implications for the illegal practices undertaken by the wrongdoer. Another major disadvantage is that the involvement of the attorneys leads to severe restrictions that destroy the relationship between the parties within the firm (Fossum, 2015). Therefore, this distorts the working relations, which consequently affects the productivity of the corporation.

Management’s Perspective

The PR Board and Teacher’s Association conflict, which has delayed the signing of the new contract; hence there is a need for action to solve the issue. From the management’s perspective, the interests of the students must be the key factor of reasoning (Fossum, 2015). Therefore, the management should employ arbitration to enhance the negotiation process and reach a consent with the teachers. However, the needs of the teachers are crucial for the effectiveness of teaching. Consequently, management needs to ensure the demands of the teachers are met, such as downsizing of the class population to increase employment opportunities, and also the provision of healthcare benefits for retired teachers and a year pay salary after retirement (Fossum, 2015). The management should employ peaceful arbitration to negotiate and ensure optimal conditions for the teachers and the students.


Employee Stock Ownership Programs (ESOP) are benefit plans accorded to the employees, which provides them an opportunity to have ownership interests within the corporation (Fossum, 2015). The program is an effective tool since it helps in enhancing employee motivation. Ownership rights provide a strong sense of responsibility, and this pushes the workforce to work effectively to increase the company’s productivity. The use of ESOP also leads to robust organizational growth as the employees become objective-oriented and work towards achieving the pre-determined goals and objectives of the firm. The working environment becomes stable due to the ownership of shares provides job security for the employees within the program (Fossum, 2015). Hence, the relationship between the employer and the workforce is cordial and productive.


Fossum, J. (2015). Labor relations: Development, Structure, Process (12th ed.). McGraw-Hill.

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