Developing a Marketing Plan at BizOps Enterprises Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-06

Every institution that has its products on the market, has to ensure the goods are on sale through proper marketing. This can be done according to the company's target market its current performance in the existing markets. Hence when developing a marketing plan for BizOps enterprises as the acting executive manager, a look at the world market research is very critical in providing the needful strategies through the next twelve months. Therefore, the paper will be an outline of a marketing plan for the period of acting in a capacity of an executive manager.

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Having 150 stores and seven warehouses facilities, employees working conditions will be the first priority in the marketing plan to resolve in order to change the position of the current market share. First, BizOps customers prefer to make orders online hence online marketing personnel should be increased or reduce the number who are concentrated in less demanding areas and give them training on marketing our products online. In addition, employees working long hours should receive an overtime payment which will boost the employees' dedication to their work. Moreover, with an increase in interest rates which has led to a decline in household income, working on an overtime basis will be a substitute for the gap created by the rise in interest rates. It is important to adhere to the requirements of labeling our products as required by the government so that the company products are not pushed out of the market arena.

Products that are shipped to other countries through water, will now have to be exported through the air to avail them to overseas customers who are experiencing a shortage. Intensive marketing and promotion will be the way out for bricks and mortars which have shown a decline in sales. This will ensure that Target customers on all platforms, online, print media, advertisements and promotions made on media are extensive to create growth in sales of the latter. As a result of competition from other producers of electronics, the price war needs to be addressed. The company will need to survive the crisis and emerge at a better position in the market without being subjected to losses. A drop in prices by a small percentage will offset the price wars and create a leverage in which customers are likely to choose the product that is cheaper. Hence, the market share in the electronic market will increase as a result.

The marketing plan will be essential in enabling the company to allow it to regain the market share and increase the sales in both bricks and electronic fields. By that, the company will be in a position to make its payments to employees who work extra hours to meet their needs due to the constraint posed by increased interest rates. It is the mission of the company to remain competitive in its products and increase its market share. Hence, it is important to keep in mind and keep checking the employees must work in line with the goals. Market research overtime is used to check the company's performance for the rest of the period.


In conclusion, as an acting manager, the company has to realize its sales turnover increase through vigorous promotion and sensitization of our products through all possible platforms. This will ensure the number of customers increase while increasing the market share in return which is the overall aim.

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