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Date:  2022-12-17


I want to take this opportunity to express my excitement as I apply to be considered for the Doctorate of Executive Leadership (DEL) with the University Of Charleston (UCWV) in the August 2019 program. As I have always thought, I believe that this program will equip me with executive values by furnishing me with skills as a senior leader, and to afford me a chance to develop my understanding of the research methods impacts on the organization model in terms of change. I also believe that DEL program resonates well with my objectives for leadership. I am very enthusiastic on undertaking the various course spectra in the program that would specifically help me to advance my career through a thorough study of strategies, research methodology and presentation, business theory and among many other fields incorporated in the DEL programs. One of a millstone point in my life is when I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organization Leadership from UCWV. Many people usually earn bachelor degrees four years after high school, but for me, I had to wait 26 years more, and when I finally got there, I was thrilled. The developments in my life before earning the first degree was very dark. I was brought up in a family that exposed my education at stake. My teachers too were not left outside the cycle. I am sure to blame the family and teachers` perspective in my education cycle. I can remember how abusive my mother was. I also don't forget about my teachers who expressed their feelings that I was not smart to understand math. I, therefore, developed a bad attitude towards learning and this greatly impacted on my earliest leadership skills. I can vividly recall my poor performance in math. At some point, when my father could not get through to me, he sought the help of a tutor who later denounced the practice since he too claimed I was not smart to do the math. As that was not enough, when I hit my 7th grade, I was struck by a massive social predicament- my parents divorced. Even though my father was a great man, he could not afford to fulfill my requirement after the divorce. I continue to score poor grades. At that period, I believed that grades and learning were not crucial for a teenager's life model. Though, I was thirsty for someone to come to pick me up, invest and believe in me and take me through the stages of life.

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The first turning point in my life, however, emerged when Mr. Shipley, my speech teacher made an exception in my life; she was the first person that for the first time bestowed time in me. She realized something in me that no one else was able to recognize. She inspired me to change my mind and face life as life, not to give thoughts to what people were saying about me. The new approach that the teacher vested in my life motivated me. Her inspirations were also coupled up with critical questions that afforded the potential to steer my life in a positive direction. Sufficiently inspired, I graduated from High school and then joined a local junior college in the Emergency Medical Technician Certification Course. This step also exposed me to the hands of another educator who again revealed the essence of education in my life. However, I was constrained with the financial shortage and thus decided to join the Army National Guard.

In this new institution, it was another system altogether. The fundamental training in the institution exposed the basis of understating the best and the worst of a leader. The moment I arrived there, I felt I had no voice, and the leaders were allowed to do whatever they would like to do. I struggled and understood the system, and this enabled me to cope up. I just decided to do whatever they would call for, and I thus I was able to bundle troubles out of my ways. Challenges that I was exposed to during the training and in the systems made me have a second thought on leadership. I, therefore, made up mid to do everything possible to become the right leader that I would wish to be. The quest thus went beyond the kid that hated education and began to seek the mentor of the excellent leader I could interact with. I volunteered to attend all the training the unit would send me to. I also volunteered to form parts of the advisory council and leadership board that could be afforded during then. I then resolved to start college classes to become a counselor and did extremely good in the studies. That was until I was obligated to take college algebra. I failed the course even before I started doing it and I am was sure that my self-esteem when I was young, impacted significantly on this spectrum. This was a setback back to the haunt for my degree that I did not earn until May 2018. The 24 years' service in the military influenced my quest to determine the best philosophy behind what is an excellent leadership as well as what makes a better leadership. The challenges that I faced during the service exposed to me leaders I would love to emulate and those I never want to be like. In 2016 one of my best leader Commander Sergeant Major Julie Erwin summoned me and sat down with me to review my career path. This acted like another motivation in my life. By then, I had made my ways through the ranks to Master Sergeant without a degree. Though I was thirsty for one, I was discouraged by the fear of failure. CSM Erwin encouraged me in all spectra and tried to convince me that I was not a failure. He urged to despise what other people had said about me and inspired me to prove them otherwise. At one point, I realized I had the potential. I reflected on how I used to be relevant to my soldiers; giving them pieces of advice that they failed to follow. Despite my efforts to stay connected to my mission- being a role model as a leader, I did not have a clue how to be one or what college would advance my skills. My life saw the light at the end of the tunnel when I was placed on the Army Center of Excellence team and was blessed to meet Dr. James Foot. He motivated me to earn my Lean Six Sigma Black through the UCWV. He also managed to connect me with Jamie Cox. Jamie reached out to me, and in July 2016 I began my Black Belt course and winded it up in August 2016. Jamie also advised me on completing my degree with UCWV. By the 2nd season in August 2016, I was wholly enrolled and was in the course of completing my Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership.

As I retire from the military after 24 years' service, I am transitioning to civilian corporate America. I took a new position with Center Corporation as a Senior Recruiting Partner, and I have objectives to delve into executive leadership within the Transformational Change segment within the cooperate operations. I am married with six children, 4 of whom are serving in the military. I am thus determined to be their role model. Now, I believe that graduating from the DEL program will equip me vast executive leadership opportunities. This will help me to cultivate change in my current organization since it will expand my skills of research and work optimization. This will also help me to balance the lives of other colleagues and affording me the chance to be among the best educators in society. I am looking forward to being able to be granted that opportunity to learn and groom some of my qualities such as Innovative, genuine, insightful, curious, enthusiastic, ambitious, active, involved, trustworthy, advocate, open-minded and healthy goals. I would love to become an adjutant professor with UCWV while in the DEL program. I want to advance professionally and personally with regards to my abilities to be able to evaluate problems and develop solutions by reshaping the social model in regards to leadership. This is in the spirit if my current professor who has inspired me by advising me to reflect on my life at the military and try to find the meaning of a good leader. She motivated my critical thinking and compelled me to trump beyond my limits. I also believe that the qualities and experiences I have gained in the stages of life would help me have to make more significant contributions to a doctorate leadership cohort. The model of my previous life at military and as a student of UCWV has allowed me to advance my understanding of the significance of servant leadership within education.

From serving in the military to making through a model comparisons course as an undergraduate, I am sure that I have deviated away for the challenges. I, therefore, believe that the 3-years DEL program at the UCWV would be more like to prove a challenge, but I am sure in my mind that I would not only triumph but afford me the potential to offer unique experiences to fellow of the doctoral leadership cohorts.

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