Job Training Program - Literature Review

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The success of a company is dependent on the productivity of the employees among many other factors. When an employee has the right education and work experience, chances are, employees will be highly productive than staff who are not experienced or qualified. Every job has its different job specifications and skills which keep varying from one position to another. Due to the registered increased innovations in any sector, job specification has been reported to kip shifting from one time to another. Therefore, to combat the problem and minimized instances of constant firing and employment, employers should introduce employee training programs within each job, bringing staff to speed on the current innovation, skill shifts, and expectations in their area of work. In this chapter, therefore, past literature that evaluates employee training will the examined with the intent of solving questions such as what training is relevant to the Aabar investment industry? Challenges that employees and employers face during training programs and how can training be enhanced to deliver quality about the case of Aabar Investment Company. The chapter will finally end with a summary of the factors covered as stated in the introduction paragraph.

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Training and Training Program

Aabar Investment Company in the past has realized multiple constraints are hindering its success of the company. Based on the company research, employee productivity seems to decline. For the company to rejuvenate its past success, the employees need to undergo vigorous training, to help combat the reported employee poor productivity and malpractices. Before venturing into a training program, it is necessary to first understand what training is. According to Bartel (1994), Employee training is defined as a process that involves making and provide for employees a well-planned program that is relevant or related to the employee job specification duties aimed at enhancing each employee performance and therefore, training is a continuous process. For a practice to be effective, a certain plan must strictly adhere. Training is systematic and is guided by set objectives (Proctor, 2000). Therefore, the Aabar Investment Company need to aline their training to the company goal, mission, and vision.

In any company, employees and the job specifications varies and as a result, when developing a program for employees, certain factors need to be considered. The Aabar Investment has a diverse staff, and each right from the head of the team has proven ineffective, and therefore, all these factors need to be considered. McGehee & Thayer, (1961) stated that for employing training to be effective during implementation, the threefold method could be applied. The three-fold strategy involves employee analysis, organizational evaluation, and job analysis. The corporate evaluation purpose at evaluating the company capability in supporting the entire training. Job analysis assesses what the current skills, educational qualification and experience a job demand and compare with what the employee poses. The staff analysis focus at analyzing what qualities a staff possesses and how a team can be enhanced to maximize productive within her area of specification. After examining the organization and staff, it is also essential to analyze trainers. Muchel'le, (2007), the success of training program depends on the effectiveness of the trainer, and therefore the trainer effectiveness and designed training program need to be thoroughly investigated to ensure it suits the company and the staff. During a training program planning, persons to participate, the location of training and tool to be applied in practice need to be considered (Mitchell, 1993). According to after a trainer is evaluated and proven effective, he is given the mandate to set a physical training environment reasonable for the organization and the staff.

McGehee & Thayer (1961), States that there is a significant difference between adult training and student learning, the methods applied in student classroom learning might not be useful in an adult training. Adults need to be self-directed during the entire training process. During training, a wide variety of instructional media should be introduced for both the staff and the trainers. Some of the instructional approached to apply during an adult training process may include, small group, discussion, case study, use of lectures, role-playing and simulation. However, despite the type of training method trainers choose to us in generating knowledge, the information inseminated to the employees during training must be related to employee's job specifications (Bartel, 1994). After every training, it is vital to carry out an assessment, which gauge the employee learned knowledge and application.

Challenges Facing Employing Training Programs and Quality

Employee training is designed to meet the company changing needs and at the same time enhance employee workability. In Aabar Investment Company, the company has failed to meet the needs of their consumers and that of their partners, and all this is likely to be attributed to the inefficiency of their employees in delivery. Change is inevitable and being in an investment industry markets keep changing due to the increased market competition and innovation. Employees have to catch up with the changes, for success to be acquired. Training is the most recommendable solution for the company, but many issues slow down training and quality of instruction.

Mitchell (1993), the success of a training program relies on capable trainers, enough resources and reliable instruction methods among other factors. Quality of the program can decline or be faced with particular challenges. According to Santos & Stuart (2003), employees are likely to be demotivated from following the training program especially if the company as the employees to sponsor themselves. Scholars argue that the success of a job training and skill transfer in a workplace is motivated by the superior's devotion to supporting the practice. Lack of company incentives results in unsatisfactory completion of the training program which stagnates the overall company performance in multiple ways. Although employee gain training, it is necessary for the management to back the practice with an incentive such as increased pay, praise or job promotion such reinforcement keep the employees interested in training and positive productivity is identified.

Yadapadithaya & Stewart (2003) explain that training is affected by employee diversity, learned skills, education and attitude. Past research shows that social and psychological factors influence learning. An employee cognitive factors and abilities are likely to affect how one grasp knowledge. In a workplace, an employee's mental factor can either discourage or encourage learning. Some persons in the workplace are too old to grasp some skill, unlike youths who have a fresh and young memory. Age is another factor that encourages or discourage quality of training of any employee.

According to Tannenbaum. & Yukl (1992), Preparation for training is another challenge that can hinder the exercise, if not well handled. Training is a process which is systematic and extended. Sometimes training demand resources either from the client or from the company and if funds are not well planned and a well-generated, the training program becomes subjects of possible failure. Employees, therefore, need to be introduced to the program long enough for them to together enough resources such as financial resources, as well as generate enough company materials, which will be used during the training process without constraint. Training preparation does not only require resources, but also early learning and evaluation of the training the subject matter (Greenhalgh and Mavrotas, 1994). The employees need to be aware of learning content first before venturing into a class. Prior knowledge gives the training enough time to evaluate and understand how the training will be relevant to their area of specification. Previous experience and preparation keep the employee updated of his or her job specification changes.

Employee Training Assessment and Benefit Analysis

Aabar investment is diverse and has multiple departments in it, which serve different fields. To meet the diversity of the company, there is need to offer employees training. Before and after practice is applied it is necessary to assess whether the instruction is valid or not. A practical training program results in employee ability to retain more consumers, shareholders, and suppliers and at the same time asses and implements workplace environmental plans.

A quality training program must also facilitate the success of the organizational goal, mission and set objective Bartel (1994). For any company to know whether the quality of training was topnotch specific training benefits must be observable in productivity among other areas, an assessment also can be carried out. Beardwell & Holden (1997) states that, to assess the quality of training, the human resource management is entrusted with the role. It's the role of the HR to set policies and standards that every employee meet.

Gellatily (1996) states that proper training minimize job discrepancies and therefore, for Aabar investment quality of training to be recognized employees who passed through training must be swift in their areas of work, when address consumers and when dealing with their stakeholders, giving the company a competitive advantage. When employees are well trained, company resources, decision making, and employee's capability are enhanced giving a company a chance to focus moon new opportunities in the market and prevent threats. Such progress provides the company a chance to rise to its desired position Gellatily (1996). According to Seligman (1978), Workplace training help improves employee retention and motivation. When employees are trained, and well-rewarded employees skills are developed, giving employee's expertise to solve rising market issues which occur with the constant market changes. Employees who can handle changes as they come due to their enhanced skill are confident with their work and continuously enjoy showing up to work. Therefore employees remain motivated in their area of work.

According to Muchel'le (2007), a measurement is a tool applied to assess the quality of training program and outcome. Different methods can be employed such as quality of work, timelines, data from records and quantity of sales. Internal files contain data which when analyzed a pattern is likely to be exhibited. As employees perform their duties in their areas of work a monthly report is produced from data collected. From the obtained information the HR team which is in charge of employee training and assessment can use the data to tell whether the exercise was useful or a fail. Adequate training gives positive feedback in the data collected, while failed display negative results.

Changes Participants Propose That Enhance the Employee Training Programs

Aabar investment is a busy company that intends to sustain its market value by offering credible services to all its clients and stakeholders and at the same time achieve set objective. The Company hopes to accomplish all this by providing constant training to all its stuff. For the training program to be a success, specific measures should be adopted by the company and staffs to generate long-term and swift effectiveness of the training program.

McGehee & Thayer (1961), in their work state, that, the establishment of any training program has its diverse objectives put in place. Training enhances this objective by enabling staffs to increase sales, nature productivity and attr...

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