Essay Sample on Coca-Cola and Tripple Bottom Line

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Date:  2022-12-11


According to a research conducted during the "Economic Sustainability Summit," it indicates that more companies are becoming greener and its mostly thanks to the customer demands and Coca-Cola company should ensure they can have environmentally friendly operations.

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Hence Coca-Cola company should be able to feed its 863 bottling plants with 300 billion liters of clean water, and this will ensure the health standards of their customers are safeguarded, and they were also partly influenced by threatened boycott from customers in "Tamil Nadu" and another reason is that the company was using 400 liters of water to prepare 1 liter of "Fizzy drink", this is what we called wastage of water and can lead to a shortage of water which is an essential component in life (Carmichael, 2018). Therefore, for Coca-Cola Company can achieve the triple bottom line through sustainability they should be able to have better ways of consuming water when preparing or to feed their bottling plants, and they should also ensure these ways lead to conservation of water and not wastage as it was the case.

The Tripple bottom line concept will help Coca-Cola Company to handle the ethical dilemmas or problems within the company (Carmichael, 2018). For example, in Kerala India, the central ethical problem that even prompted people to start protesting was that the "production facility of Coca-Cola" was polluting the natural waste at the region and it also led to the banning of these facilities by the Supreme Court in India.

According to (Carmichael, 2018), the other problem was after the report was revealed by the "Center for Science and Environment" (CSE) showed that their products are not safe a claim they strongly refuted and this prompted for protests, hence the concept can help them handle such an ethical problem through ensuring their problem is environmental friendly in terms of using clean water when feeding their bottling plants, since this is the main component that impacts on the health of an individual and should be seriously considered and they should also refrain from polluting the natural waste.

The report revealed four main problems posed by Coca-Cola, and it included a shortage of water, pollution, distribution of toxic waste and products containing pesticides (Doshi,2018). From these findings, the company should be able to use water sufficiently when doing their production not using 400 liters of water to produce 1litre of "Freezy drink" and this will help the communities not to experience shortages of water which is a critical component in sustaining life (Doshi, 2018). They should also reduce pollution of natural waste through having greener production means will protect nature and which will create healthy relationships and refresh the environment.

According to (Doshi,2018), the company should be strict on where they source their water from to ensure they do not manufacture beverage products containing pesticides and proper distribution of toxic waste should be maintained to provide the citizens leaving in Kerala, India live in an environment which is not polluted and which will not comprise on their health standards, especially the claim that their products contained pesticides was a very serious issue and quantum of this report raised severe eyebrows for how the company has polluted the environment and above all disregarded human life and for Coca-Cola Company to be fairer and meet the recommendations set out by Tripple Bottom line they should keenly follow the above guidelines.


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