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Jesus Christ formed an integral part of Christian worship. The gospel in the New Testament often referred to Him as Yahweh, the anointed one, Messiah, and Savior. According to religious scholars, Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi living in Galilee. His center of influence was performing miracles and teaching His followers by the use of parables. Jesus is believed to be conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit through Virgin Mary. He lived and started his mission in the world to bring the lost faithful back to God. His followers revered him for His teachings and the numerous miracles he performed including healing, raising the dead and turning water into wine among others. It is believed that Jesus Christ was crucified in Jerusalem after being persecuted by one of His disciples known as Judas Iscariot. This was according to the prophecy which stated that Jesus was the son of God and was to be sacrificed for the salvation of humankind from sin. Pontius Pilate ordered for the crucifixion of Jesus. However, after three days, He resurrected and reappeared to his disciples and finally ascended to heaven.

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Pollock and Algernon in their book, The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, argue that through the life and death of Jesus, Christians were saved from their sins as Jesus blood is believed to have cleansed all the sins of the world.Through Jesus, Christians got reconciled to God after being separated by sins that were committed by Adam and Eve. The messianic prophecy claims that Jesus will come to claim the church from sins and go back to heaven and establish the eternal kingdom. This paper highlights some of the fundamental questions regarding the life and mission of Jesus Christ. Through the life of Jesus Christ on earth, many questions emerged regarding the faiths of the followers and critics of the gospel. Most of the doubts arise from whether He is truly the Son of God as he claimed and His resurrection.

To start with, the understanding that Jesus is the Son of God is not to be comprehended in a human perspective. This is because God did not enter into marriage with Mary so that Jesus was conceived. However, the Holy Trinity comprises of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. So Jesus was conceived in Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit. Additionally, during His trial, Jesus confirmed that he is indeed the son of God by affirming to the high priest. He assured him that he would one day see him seated at the right hand of God. However, he was accused of blasphemy and was to be killed by crucifixion. In addition to that in 1st John 4:15, the Bible reiterates that "If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in them and them in God. Therefore, believing in Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of salvation for Christians today.

Jesus was to be crucified because according to the Jewish law, blasphemy was punished by death to the accused. They comprehended that Jesus was of the same nature as God and that He is Gods exact representation on earth. This, according to them was blasphemous. On the other hand, Jesus taught and performed miracles all around the world. The bible in the old testament prophesied that the Son of God would come and restore peace to the afflicted and take away people`s suffering. Additionally, He fulfilled the prophecies by dying on the cross and further resurrecting from the dead thereby proving that He is indeed the son of God.

When Jesus obeyed the will of God, He provided a means for the salvation of human beings from sin. Those that believed in his death and resurrection are thought to have eternal life. The disciples of Jesus were engulfed with fear of despair and defeat as they witnessed Him suffering, dying and being laid in the tomb. They could not quite comprehend the teachings Jesus taught them about His suffering, death, and resurrection. Christians nowadays emulate humility from Jesus Christ because He obeyed the will of God to assume the sinful body.

Mary Magdalene together with other women went to the tomb on Sunday morning bringing along ointments. However, on reaching the tomb they found the stone covering the tomb rolled away. Two angels greeted and told Mary Magdalene that Jesus was not there and that he was raised from the dead. The angels reminded the women of the teachings of Jesus in Galilee of how he would be delivered into the hands of men, be crucified, and he would rise on the third day. They led them to the tomb where Jesus was laid and indeed He was not there. The angels further instructed the women to go and tell the disciples that Jesus had risen from the dead.

When Mary left the tomb, she went and met Peter and John and told them that some people had taken away the body of Jesus Christ. Peter and John hurried to the tomb to confirm what Mary had told them. On reaching the grave, they found the clothes there and the napkin. However, John remembered the teaching of Jesus about his resurrection. After that, Peter and John left Mary Magdalene still weeping. Jesus appeared and told Mary not to cry. Therefore, Mary was the first person to witness the resurrected Christ. Christian women nowadays find inspiration from Mary as they enter into ministries to spread the gospel and reach out to many non-believers empowering them to acknowledge the doctrine.

Besides, Jesus met Peter near Jerusalem and later two disciples on their way to Emmaus. Finally, He reached the ten apostles and showed them the wounded hands and feet. Thomas was still doubtful and requested that he indeed touches the wounds to confirm and believe personally. After the resurrection, Jesus further spent forty days to prove to the non-believers that he rose from the dead. During His stay, he assembled 2500 people to come one by one to witness the wounds in his hands and feet. When they had seen Jesus by themselves, they all cried singing and blessing the name of God.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ offers some basic teachings to Christians today. For instance, the transformation shows that the existence of Jesus is everlasting and independent from any other thing. He does not depend on food, air, people, and power for life. He is self-existent as evidenced by the number of days he spent in the tomb. Additionally, resurrection assures Christians that Jesus Christ was, in fact, the son of God as prophesized. The resurrection of Jesus attests that the teachings of Jesus Christ are real and that God fulfills His promises to humankind. Resurrection assures Christians of the true identity of Jesus Christ as the divine being, therefore, Jesus was not a mere teacher, carpenter, or prophet.

In conclusion, Jesus Christ is regarded as the most influential personality to have lived on earth. His teachings remain the central focus of religious teachings today. More research is being conducted on several other aspects of His life such as His existence though scientifically, the studies are obsolete. Christianity being a religion majorly focuses on the Bible as the primary textbook and therefore most of the teachings are available in the document.


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