IQ Tests Discriminate: The African American Student's Plight - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-02


I want to be a student of a school of thought that supports the claim of intelligence tests being racially biased. In most cases, the African American students are envisioned to have the lowest intelligence quotient as compared to the White students. The 1979 allegation on the education department in the state of California is enough proof that the African American students are mistreated based on the IQ testing criteria (Gray, 2019). Since time immemorial the intelligence tests have been placed the African American students at a disadvantage point because the test failed to observe the cultural and racial justness. The 1979 allegation in the California state educational system, for instance, placed high numbers of the African American children in special education out of unfair criticism of the black race.

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The cultural and unethical stigmatization used in the IQ testing rendered most of the African American learners in special education while the White students were exposed to normal educational methods. The violation of the African American students’ rights of proper education fueled some significant replacement in the system of education that aimed at bolstering fairness in the Californian education practice. Due to the racially biased IQ testing, the court suggested the African American students under special education were reevaluated to observe fair treatment for both races.

Did Larry P. Lawyers Provide Convincing Evidence of this?

In the system of evolution, change has been enacted in the points where communities realize and act appropriately on a previous injustice allegation. The fact the court accepted the arguments of the plaintiff is a piece of just evidence that Larry P. lawyers availed enough support for the case at hand. During the case hearing, the plaintiff's decision was centered on Larry P.'s standpoint that invalidated the methods of IQ testing in the Californian school. However, the court rejected the shreds of evidence of Larry p. lawyer because according to Judge Grady, the evidence only portrayed a section of the entire case. Nonetheless, the ruling was made in favor of African American students.

After a cultivated persuasion by the plaintiff, the court declared the IQ testing outcomes to be racially and culturally unfair and that they had discriminatory implications on the African American school children. It is through enough evidence provided by Larry P. lawyers that the court made long-lasting discontinuation of the biased IQ testing (Gray, 2019). The African American school children that were placed in special education were reconsidered as fitting in the normal education system, as the other White learners. Additionally, Larry P. lawyers' evidence against the biased IQ testing resulted in a victory for the Africa American school children because of the educational changes implemented aftermath.

Do you Think Intelligence tests should Take into Consideration Cultural Differences?

Psychological and psychoeducational evaluation criteria are believed to accommodate bias treatment of the diverse groups in the educational system (Gray, 2019). It should be noted, however, that schools are universal institutions that harbor individuals from different cultural backgrounds. If the paramount objective of the education system is to promote fairness in communities, cultural backgrounds, and beliefs of students should be a determinant in the process.

Besides, if only the education system could adopt proper considerations of cultural beliefs of learners, the biases in IQ testing would be mitigated. However, this has not been the case in recent years because some cultures are considered to be dominant over others. The assumption of some cultures being superior per Se has facilitated the establishment of minority groups in the education system. I, therefore, support the claim that educational intelligence tests should adequately observe the cultural beliefs of learners.


Gray, L. A. (2019). Special and Gifted Education. In Educational Trauma (pp. 137-152). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

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