IPIP Neo Personality Inventory Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-06-23


After enrolling for the General Psychology class, I have drawn various insights and experiences from it. Extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness to experiences are the five big factors of personality. Each of these factors is quite wide and constitutes of a diversity of more specific personalities. The big five structure was sourced from statistical analyses of which personalities tend to co-happen in individual's descriptions of themselves or other individuals. I have understood that contemplating the human psychology is not an easy task.

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The fundamental correlations are probabilistic and exceptions are possible. For instance, assertiveness and talkativeness are both characteristics associated with extraversion. However, they do not align together by logical necessity. It is practically you meet an individual that is assertive yet not talkative. However, various studies implies that individuals who are talkative are often assertive. This is the reason the characteristics should align together under the wider Extraversion factor of understanding the human personality.

I learnt that I belong to the 'openness' factor of the description of human personality. I view myself as an individual with a mean imagination and only often fantasizes things. Moreover, I perceive myself as responsive to beauty as illustrated in poetry, music, art or nature. I am the kind of person who seldom enjoys new and distinct activities and has a low-level need for diversity in his life. Lastly, he has a moderate level of intellectual curiosity and he is generally moderate in his political, social and moral beliefs.

Five-factor theory is the most apparent theory in this survey. It was founded by Paul Costa and Robert McCrae where it was explained in a book. The theory is an explanatory account of the importance of Big Five factors in individuality. Five-Factor Theory constitutes a set of propositions regarding the origins, nature, and developmental course of individuality traits, and about the association of traits to the rest of other personality elements aforementioned. Five-Factor Theory highlights a biological perspective of personality traits, where learning and experience affect the Big Five factors by a low extent. The five-factor theory has been effective in helping understand the human psychology.

The personality tests are not reliable in understanding the human psychology. The human personality is too sophisticated in that a person can meet various individuals yet never identify two people sharing similar identical personality. Even identical twins, who often share various aspects, developed in their exceptional way in such a manner that every of them make up a distinct personality. Moreover, to all this, the psychologist requires a vast amount of input data to comprehend an individual's motives perfectly. Hence, it may be difficult to invent a personality tests that integrates these facts and puts them into consideration. Additionally, various personality tests ignore the present state an individual is. The psychological state you are in a particular moment will evaluate to a greater extent the answers you will offer. In case a person took that test whereas feeling bad, then perhaps you will obtain different outcomes than if you took when in better mood.


Majority of the personality tests are so linear. They work by presuming that one plus one equals two without comprehending that a human personality is linear. Certain norms rely on others whereas some behaviors emanate from particular subconscious objectives that cannot be easily figured out with a typical personality test.

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