Introduction Speech to a Course in Computer Science

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Date:  2022-09-07

Getting to college is a primary achievement for any high school student. Parents and relatives often consider it as a transition period, where they watch you grow from a naive high school teenager to a responsible college student. But to me, getting a college admission meant more than that. It was never a primary achievement or the natural transition in education. Getting to college said that I get to pursue my passion and achieve my career goals. In this speech, I will inform you about why getting to college is so important to me. I will share with you my dreams of pursuing computer science and practicing a profession that triggers my passion. My desire to pursue a degree in computer science can be seen from my interests in computer technologies and my dedication to research on the subject.

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Growing up, Mr. Johnson, a family friend owned and managed an electronics shop in our neighborhood. Occasionally, I would pass by his shop after school to give my greetings or play with his kids. At first, I was puzzled by the size and functionalities of the electronics in his shop. At times, I would wonder how the radio or audio-visual technologies operated, and we could get both sound and images concurrently. Even with the high number of electronics in his shop, there is always one thing that kept me excited about my next visit. It was his personal computer. I would follow him around the shop and steal a glance or two, to get a preview of what he was doing.

With time, Mr. Johnson noticed my interest in his personal computer and enquired about the same. He wanted to find out why I was always interested in the computer. My response was as blank as any 7-year old's. I wanted to know how the computer could do so much work at a go. I could see Mr. Johnson place orders, accept or reject some, he even processed receipts with the computer. All these activities were amusing to me and enhanced my interests. One day, I requested Mr. Johnson to let me use the computer. Probably unsure of whether I could use it, Mr. Johnson moved from his office chair and let me have my way. Within five minutes, I had opened some of his inventories and even attempted to create spreadsheets like I had watched him do. Mr. Johnson marveled at my work and also said that I should pursue studies on computer technology when I grow up. Well, it is probably what any adult would say to encourage a child. But to me, these words meant more than bliss at the moment. I kept it in my heart that I wanted to know more about computers and even get to develop one. When I received my college admission letter, it was a dream come true. I would get the chance to pursue a career in computer science. Since my college admission, I have always dedicated my leisure time to research studies on computer technology and closely related professions.


My early interest in computers shaped my desire to pursue a course in computer science. I believe that through my speech you can learn how a childhood dream could turn into a passion. When Mr. Johnson said that I should pursue a computer-related course, he had no idea that he had helped to shape my career path. During my college graduation, Mr. Johnson must be my number one invite, and maybe I will get a chance to say to him, "Sir, I made it."

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