Interview with a Child Psychologist

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Date:  2022-10-10

Special needs children are some of the most vulnerable individuals in society. Their conditions as special needs mean that they require special care and treatment as opposed to normal children. Their special requirements are diverse and sometimes require constant collaborations with professionals trained to care for them on a constant basis. One of the areas where they experience the greatest challenges in is education. This is especially so for children with learning disabilities and who cannot attend regular schools like other children. For this reason, IEP and IFSP programs may be required to assist them to lead a normal life like the rest of the students without the multiple hustles they might be exposed to in regular schools ("Individualized Education Plans (IEP) And Individual Family Service Plans (IFSP)"). To understand the various challenges that are involved in these programs, the researcher sat with a school psychologist working with special needs children for an interview. Some of the questions we hoped to get answers to include these below.

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Question 1

First of all, let me take the opportunity to welcome you for making time to get to this interview. Perhaps you can begin by giving us a brief introduction about yourself and your experience. How long have you been engaged in dealing with children with special learning needs and specifically what types of these conditions do you normally deal with in your daily line of work?

Question 2

It is a common understanding among the general public that dealing with people with special needs, especially school going children is not an easy task. Given all the variations in reference to special needs for school children, the learning skills, communication skills, expression and such, perhaps you could elaborate for us how different it is to work with children with special learning needs as opposed to normal kids? What are the main areas that require special attention and how do you make sure to address them adequately.

Question 3

As a children psychologist, you get to work with all sorts of cases involving children with special needs especially as far as learning is concerned. Even though there is public knowledge out there about special needs for children and the programs such as IEP and IFSP available for their assistance, there is still scanty information about how to recognize these needs and how to handle them appropriately ("Individualized Education Plans (IEP) And Individual Family Service Plans (IFSP)"). This makes parents agonize a lot when they find themselves in such situations due to their limited information. Perhaps you could tell us how to recognize that your child requires special education needs and also elaborate what other programs are available for them and how you as a professional go about to recommend it for them?

Question 4

Individualized Family Service Plans are some of the programs that may be recommended for parents and families of children with special learning needs. Many parents and the public in general however fail to fully grasp what they are expected to contribute or how to go about it, and the challenges that come with such a program. Maybe you could briefly take us through some of these challenges and how to deal with them and also what responsibilities to expect when such a program is recommended?

Question 5

Parents of children with special learning needs have in most cases been found to agonize a lot over the conditions of their children, not surprisingly, but still, it is a worrying trend (NOVOTNI, 2018). Perhaps we could wind up the interview with a final word for them, a little encouragement maybe?

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