Apple's Commitment to Protecting Clients' Data and Privacy - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-06-22


I agree with the position taken by Mr. Cook that calls for the need to continually protect the data and privacy of consumers of Apple products. It is essential to ensure that the Apple Company continues to protect the clients that are buying their commodities. For a long time, there has been a mutual trust between the company and the buyers that the firm will keep its client data safe and secure. The government is claiming that the backdoor that will be created in the IOS will only be used to access the phone found at the crime scene, but this is not true. The program will be used to access the phones of law-abiding citizens, placing their health and safety at risk, and this will have serious repercussions in the long run. A lot of investments have been used to create a system that will keep the phone secure from unauthorized access (Cook, 2016). The creation of a backdoor will demand, for the weakening of these systems, which is not the right thing to do. Therefore, irrespective of the security issues at hand, personal information should be protected all the time.

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Companies must ensure that their clients' data is kept private and in a confidential manner. Unauthorized personnel should not be allowed to access it, and organizations must either deny or accept to cooperate with a government or any other entity that may be interested in those details. However, there exist exceptions like in the case of an investigation involving crime; an entity may be compelled to work with the authorities, for they are doing this for the common good (Kroman, 2013). However, if a business suspects that the information that it provides will be used in the wrong way, it can deny them investigating body the information, and no action can be taken against them. It is ethical to ensure that clients are secure, and their details are only accessible by the owners.

A government does not have the right to override the rules and expectations that are placed on privacy. The government is the largest entity that is entrusted with the responsibility of entrusting that its citizens are secure from any form of attack. Their security is enhanced by keeping their personal information secure, and this means that when the same government overrides these expectations, it will be acting against its ethics and responsibility (Kaur, Gupta, & Singh, 2018). However, when the privacy expectations are broken for the common good of society, such as when resolving a crime or tracking criminals, exemptions can be taken. The authorities in such cases, can take measures to access personal data with the help of the various entities holding those details.


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