Interview Example: NCLEX-RN Exam

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Date:  2022-10-11

Please, share your future plans (MSN, Ph.D., DNP), specializing, or seeking certification? It may be too early to jump right into your next educational adventure. If so, what are your current plans? Where do you want to practice and why?

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I have grand plans for my future. I am a believer in education as the root of all success whether in employment or in personal ventures. I perceive education as a driver of policy and a great influencer of personal endeavors. One of the greatest takeaways from my hitherto nursing education is critical and creative thinking. The course teaches me how to think critically in all situations and embrace the immense power of the human mind. My current plans are to complete my undergraduate studies and become a nurse. In order to accomplish them successfully, I have a plan at present to seek knowledge from all focal points in nursing and use it to pass my exams.

I have a plan to pursue a Ph.D. in the future. One of the most significant sources of inspiration to my life is Patricia Benner's theory, From Novice To Expert. The theory taught me that for one to be a successful nurse, he or she must start somewhere and advance knowledge and skills over time (Benner, 1984). At the start, one is considered an amateur and is bound to make numerous mistakes due to lack of experience in the practical nursing field. I believe that someday I will be an expert and utilize all the knowledge that I have learned in class to savor opportunities and cause mutual benefits to both society and myself. However, the future is uncertain and so are my educational plans. I believe in the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition and use it to plan out my future goals. One has to learn from own experiences as well as from the experiences of other people (Benner, 2004). as a result, I always allow time between my goals to enable me to make tailor-made approaches to nursing theories and ultimately become an expert.

After I am contented with my undergraduate studies, I will pursue my doctorate and other academic milestones related to the nursing faculty. I have not yet decided the specific institution where I intend to pursue my future studies. However, it should be a renowned college with the right study resources and personnel. I would like to practice my career knowledge in an engaging medical facility. I picture a strategic government hospital or a well-developed private hospital. I do not have specific ones on my mind, but I would like a place with many patients. A place with a diversity of illnesses and medical conditions to allow me to utilize as much knowledge as possible and consequently develop my skill set.

You will be graduating soon. You have done much to prepare for practice and to sit for your national examination. What plans do you have to continue preparation and taking of the NCLEX-RN? How will you know when you are ready to pass the test?

The NCLEX-RN is fast approaching, and I have a sound plan to assure my success in them. First, I believe that I have read all that pertains to those exams over my time as a student. I also acknowledge that I may have forgotten some of that learned information. It is indeed human to forget something if one does not refer and reread on a regular basis. This first step sets my mind to a positive approach to those examinations and lays the foundation for the preceding steps. Second, I have a tailor-made revision approach to help me cover all the essential concepts before the examination. The revision plan is made with regard to my abilities in various subjects and concepts with the specific time allocation directly proportional to my ability. Third, I have a self-evaluation strategy, which I will use to test my revision plan. The evaluation strategy is similar to the examination with the only difference being that it does not get into specifics but rather examines a concept as a whole.

I will now that I am ready to pass the test by completing all my revision according to my laid out plan and passing my self-evaluation. At present, I do not feel prepared for the exams since I have not covered all the revision aspects. A key milestone so far is that I have managed to overcome the fear associated with national examinations. According to platonic epistemology, learning is a passive process where knowledge is ingrained into a person's cognition over time (Carpenter, 2008). I have taken time to read for my exams and familiarize myself with all the aspects required to ingrain them in my mind. Therefore, I will only know whether I am ready for the NCLEX-RN once I am done with my revision plan.

Using only 5-8 words, describe you as a nurse. What image of nursing will you portrait? Remember you only get 5-8 words to create a picture of you as a professional nurse.

Methodical, Resourceful, Sociable, Tenacious, motivated and responsible.

For your response this week, picture the nurse you are describing. What image do you see in your mind as you read the descriptive words? Your response will not be in words this week, but instead draw, find, or take a picture of the image you get when you see the picture the nurse you are describing. The image may or may not be an actual person.

The image shows a flourishing plant. As a nurse, I will be productive and flourish. The fruits of my labor will be visible to all people and will ultimately make the lives of my patients and their families better.


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