Interview Example on Senior Principal of St. Kevin Elementary School

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Date:  2022-11-03


On 10th of December 2018, I conducted an interview on Mr. Johnston Patel, A senior principal of St. Kevin Elementary school to seek information on the benefit, use, and goals of assessment tool utilized at his learning facilities. Due to distance barrier, we opted to do a phone interview and below is the presentation of the response based on the questions I asked him which as bee seconded with analysis section to provide a deep insight on the use, benefit, and goals of assessment tools.

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1. What is the name of the assessment tool preferred by your school?


Socrative assessment tool

Analysis of evidence

Four most common assessment tools are usually used daily in the modern classroom. These tools are formative, schoology, Kahoot, and, socrative. According to Wash (2014), the socrative assessment tool is effective student can utilize any platform that has internet service. Moreover, it gives a quick feedback.

2. What does it entail and who normally administers?


Teacher of specific subject normally administers preparing activities to gauge student understanding and it

Analysis of evidence

Teachers login through their device and choose activities that manage the flow of questions and games. On the side student login with their device and intermingle real time with the content.

It is the responsibility of a teacher to administer this assessment since him/ her is the only one who knows what is to be evaluated in the course of gauging learning and progress as per the content he/ he taught.

3. What does the assessment for learning claim to measure?


This assessment method measures the level of knowledge, understanding, and, skill acquisition by a learner as evidence in the response given by a learner.

Analysis of evidence

As a formative assessment is an effective tool that helps a teacher to know whether to go next or what to cover as per the responses given by learners, hence, it tends to adhere to the student-centered approach during learning and teaching exercise. Fishe and Frey (n.d) claim that without formative data teacher aims at the middle because it is formative assessment tools only that can deliver timely data of level of understanding of a student.

5. How does one use this Assessment for learning to weigh performance?

Start by developing gauges to describe Acceptable Level. Employ Bloom's taxonomy to identify segregating criteria as you move up the scale. The method should not extend the original performance task but redirect higher order thinking skills that a learner could demonstrate within the bounds of the original task

Analysis evidence

Feedback from teachers acts as a scaffolding to support learner's skill building and acquisition of understanding and knowledge. Teachers give the 'x' factor in encouraging learning through involvement strategies and feedback on learners' performance. However, feedback should not be confused with doing the work meant for a learner or providing them with so much that it becomes a teacher's role.

6. Does your assessment measure everything within the subject, or are there gaps?


It measures almost everything, as much as teachers at the beginning of a year plan on what to deliver as per curriculum. The needs for teachers to identify the learning objectives of each session makes in to ensure that duration devoted to a certain learning goals does not go wastage, that is when an assessment for learning comes in to help ensure both teaching and learning objects are realized.

Analysis evidence

More commonly, the assessment is a substitution for the comprehensive domain covered by the subject. Therefore, in this case, a teacher has to choose questions that test different areas of the domain (All, Castellar, and, Van Looy, 2016). The broader the domain the more difficult it will be to include everything

7. If a teacher in your school carries out the assessment more than once, do you get similar results?


Most of the occasions, the school gets similar results

Analysis of evidence

Checking test is formulated to measure, the ability to make comparison quickly, accurately that is essential to ensuring the quality teaching and learning practices. Carrying the assessment more than twice is what is known as test - validity. If the outcomes are consistent, this could imply that the assessment is reliable.

8. Could anything about the test takers affect the results?


No, since the one adopted by the school as flexible and can be adjusted at any time to meet the interest of a learner.

Analysis of evidence

An effective assessment tool should be open as possible to everyone who gets involved in it with no certain group put at a disadvantage. However, generating assessment criteria of this kind is difficult, but it is vital to bear in mind when considering assessment tool to adopt it should be free from biases such as gender, social class, ethnicity, reading ability, cultural background.

9. Does taking the assessment for learning or the results it generates have direct value to teachers and learners?


Yes, learning does not happen accidentally; hence, it helps both teacher and learner plan carefully. Teachers need to plan and create opportunities within each session for both the learner and the teacher to seek information about a learner's progress towards the learning goals defined by the teacher at the start of the session.

Analysis of evidence

There are four main question needs to be considered when analyzing the value of the assessment tool for teachers and learners. These four questions are:

  • Why the teacher asking students is to be engaged in the assessment?
  • What will it inform the teacher that he/ she does know already?
  • How will the teacher utilize the information the outcome give presents?
  • Can the teacher utilize the results of the assessment to directly influence the teaching and learning of his/ her students?

10. How does this assessment administered, individually or in groups?


It is administered individually

Analysis of evidence

It is wise to administer assessment to individual student since it is the only way that can give individual student progress report.


The interview gave me a new insight regarding what factors to consider to fully realize the benefits of assessment gives in meeting specific teaching and learning goals.


All, A., Castellar, E. P. N., & Van Looy, J. (2016). Assessing the effectiveness of digital game-based learning: Best practices. Computers & Education, 92, 90-103.

Wash, P. D. (2014). Taking advantage of mobile devices: Using Socrative in the classroom. Journal of Teaching and Learning with Technology, 99-101.

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