International Staffing Methods

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International human resource management is a process that helps different companies to conduct international staffing effectively. Banyan Tree hotel was chosen for this study with the aim of finding how the organization uses international human resource management concepts and procedures in staffing. Banyan Tree Hotel is a luxury hotel with several resorts and similar hotels in South East Asia. Banyan tree is a well known international brand with visitors coming from different parts of the world (Goebel, Grandidge, Bergh, & McElhiney, 2008). Research shows that the range of hotels, spars, and resort were voted the best luxury hotel in South East Asia in 2007 by National Geographic Traveler. It is also ranked 13th best hotels and resorts in the world. Whats more, Banyan Tree hotels and resorts hold the Leading hotels in the world award, a price given to a few hotels globally. The range of hotels is found in Thailand, Palawan in the Philippines, Middle East, America and Africa. It has a varied range of hotel, spars, and resorts in the mentioned regions.

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Since Banyan tree hotel is an international brand that operates in various regions of the world, heir main aim is to have staff that understand various cultural differences of their clients in the different host nations. Therefore, the main approach to international staffing is by using the geocentric staffing method which seeks to employ the best personnels for key jobs in the organization irrespective of their nationality. The Banyan hotel management believes that this is the best method of international staffing since it seeks to eradicate cultural myopia. Despite the wider selection of employees based on their abilities, the company sometimes rely on using expatriate when coming up with new branches. The managers believe that the expatriates from the parent country have the ability to represent the company effectively in international arenas. Therefore, the Banyan Tree Hotels use a mixture of polycentric and geocentric staffing strategies (Engle, Festing, & Dowling, 2008). According to Harris (2012), the recruitments process follows the normal selection, hiring, and recruitment procedures of human resource management. On the same note, the managers take active roles in conducting in depth interviews to ensure that they select the best employees for various positions. The management normally considers important determining factors such as company specifications which entails organizational culture and corporate governance among other things. They also consider IHR practices, local units specifications such as locus of control, division, and establishment methods. Similarly the managers also consider context specifications such as cultural and institutional contest and employ availabilities (Sengupta & Bhattacharya, International HRM, 2007).

Training and Development Methods

The Banyan Tree Hotel uses pre-departure training for international employees to inform them about different cultures in the host country. They conduct preliminary visits to help the employees understand the cultures more. They also provide security briefing and information about day to day activities in the host nation. They also provide cross cultural training to enable the employees understand the cultures of the host nations. The training can be rigorous, low and high interactions and may last about four week to one month (Morris, Bjorkman, & Stahl, 2012).

Performance management of international employees

To ensure effective performance of their international employees, Banyan Tree Hotels use international performance management strategies for both local and global level assignment. They consider factors such as taxation, appraisals, salaries and benefits based on each country. They ensure that the employees get support from the headquarters to ensure that they are working within the required frequencies (Sengupta, 2007).

Compensation Strategies

The company ensures that all their international employees are subjected to better pay by looking at factors such as host countries taxation, cost of living, housing, safety needs and transportation requirement (Aswathappa, 2007). In some instances their employees are subjected to tax free salaries, provided accommodation, education for their children, free housing, medical covers, and other security benefits (Engle, Festing, & Dowling, 2010). However, the employees will be left to take care of their transportation but are given transport allowances.

Analyses of findings

The research shows that Banyan Tree Hotels, spars, and resorts rely heavily on international human resource management policies and procedures for recruitment, selection, training, and compensation. They consider expatriate important managers in orientating new employees. To avoid cultural misunderstands, they use a mixture of geocentric and polycentric methods to ensure effective cultural integration among their employees. They provide effective training based on IHR practices. In all these, the host country environment plays an important role in the ongoing process of training, recruitment, selection, and transfers


International human resource management helps international organizations to take care of selection, recruitment, hiring, and training procedures. On the same note, most organizations rely on IHRM to conduct training, appraisal and compensation procedures. It is important for a multinational company such as Banyan Tree Hotel to use IHRM in its procedures.


International human resource management needs to be more inclusive and specifically consider cultural integration methods and procedures while hiring, recruiting, training, and compensating their international employees. Similarly, it is important for parent companies to recognize the expanding nature of IHRM and be able to form flexible rules and regulations for supporting firms that operate in international arenas.


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