If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: Why It's Perfect for Preschoolers

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Date:  2023-01-31

The title of the chosen story is "If you give a mouse a cookie" and the author is Laura Numeroff

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Why You Selected That Particular Story

This particular story is of interest to the preschoolers. It shows off the comical side of life which is important for the children to learn. Preschoolers are interested in books that give description in the form of pictures like this particular one. There is the use of vibrant colors in the books that make it useful for children literature

The Steps You Will Take To Prepare Your Story For Telling

Read the story on my own to understand the plot

Define the key points that make the story interesting

Ignore the areas that may be inappropriate

Make the story short with the key points

Design props

Ask the children to be seated in a circle for storytelling

Read the story to them

Things to Consider While Performing The Story

I will consider the level of understanding of the children so that it will be easier to tell the story to them. I will be asking questions after telling a part of the story to see how much they have understood. I will also consider the fears that they have so that I dot subject them to things that they may not be interested.

How You Will Model Good Storytelling To Your Students

I will introduce the main characters of the story, transform their activities through the challenge and describe the resolution. I will use the necessary gestures and maintain eye contact when telling the story

The Specific Culminating Questions You Might Ask Once You Have Finished The Story

What have you learnt about the mouse?

How can you describe the relationship between the mouse and the boy?

Are the mouse and the boy, friends?

What does the boy gain from the mouse?

Which of the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts for grade level K-5 (pg. 11) might be a focus for this lesson, and why?

The core standards that will be necessary for this English Language Art include reading, listening, writing, speaking and proper language. These will help to focus on the best elements of storytelling.

Response to Ana's "The story is the cat in the Hat"I find this particular story engaging because of its teachings to the children. They would really like to be involved in the practical form of the book where they are taught the sounds. It would be such enjoyable for them. I felt the core standard and the lesson focused on was utterly appropriate because that is what children like. The storytelling was good and no step left out. The culminating question that stood out as being effective is the "what is the pair of rhyming words in the story"

Response to Rebeccas's "Pout Pout Fish"

After going observing the lessons, I must admit that you are doing good work. Your interactions with children were outstanding because it kept them alert and involved. The core standard was appropriately used because two narrators influenced the flow of the story. No storytelling process was left out. The most culminating question was;" what is the impact of attitude?" Through this question, the children could relate to their lives.

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