HRM Essay Sample: Performance Standards and Appraisals

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Date:  2021-06-28

Performance evaluation is a responsibility of a nurse manager that helps improve the quality of nursing care; therefore, it requires appropriate measures to be put in place to be effective. It is a continuous assessment of employees on an individual or team task performance according to the set standards/objectives (Edward, 2015).

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Performance Standards

Performance standards establish minimum levels of performance or constituency and uniformity across multiple individuals in my organization. They also set expectations to the health professionals that I manage. Public regulatory processes such as licensure for health professionals and licensure for health care organizations (i.e. hospitals or health plans) develop these standards. Other places that develop these standards are professional certification, organizational accreditation and my nursing staff (Kohn, Corrigan, & Donaldson, 2012). All the standards are aligned with legal and ethical nursing practice to ensure that any legal dispute that arises the nurse will be on the right side.

Performance Appraisals

As a manager, I am in an excellent position to observe the nurses job performance since I have the responsibility to manage certain units that are gauged by my superiors, thus maintaining continuous fair performance appraisal is vital. I reestablish the performance evaluation goals at least once a year. During the meeting, each employee is required to self-evaluate by setting the goals and standards that I use in the appraisal process. Throughout I continually examine work performed as well as inviting other managers to avoid subjectivities. Besides that, 360-degree appraisals are administered, these employee assessments collect data from colleagues, subordinates, and clients (Edleson, 2012). Employees are given a chance to give feedback on areas that need improvement, and customers' provide feedback on the services rendered. I discuss appraisal with employee and ways to improve on the faults, how well the employee followed the set standards and how they grow throughout the continuous process considering the training provided during the appraisal process (Edward, 2015).

The appraisals have hugely improved employee motivation, satisfaction, training and development and retention, those that follow their goals to the letter have progressed in their career substantially. This mode of positive discipline ensures that every employee lives to their standards however not all are willing to follow these rules. Thus, I send a verbal or written reminder, although there are ill feelings here and there the standards ensure that it is fair to everyone making my nursing staff outstanding from the rest. The organization organizes team-bonding activities such as retreats that allow the employees to interact with all hierarchies and share their experiences. Another important feature is how employees are allowed to rate their managers.


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