Setting Goals is Key to Performance Measurement - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-06


I agree with Peter Merritt that defining performance outcomes for company division and the department is important in the performance management process. Still, I believe that the most important step is setting goals. Without having specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound goals, the metrics for measuring the performance of the employees are useless (Mone &London, 2018). Performance can effectively be measured against the goals set, which means that if an employee contributes to the attainment of the company goals, then their performance is commendable. Without SMART goals, the data is useless as human resource management cannot determine the performance as there are no metrics to match against. However, all the steps are important in managing the performance of employees and should be keenly followed by the managers. The effectiveness of performance management depends on phase, such as coaching, which involves practices such as training and motivating employees.

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Response to Allison Irby's Post

Effective performance management involves processes such as the definition of performance outcomes, goal setting, behavior, actions to achieve the outcomes, providing support to the employees, evaluating the performance, identifying the improvements as well as establishing the consequences of the results (Mone &London, 2018). I disagree with Allison Irby's opinion that the most important step in performance management is the provision of support through discussions related to performance. For me, I think that goal setting is the most important step in performance management as it provides metrics for matching the outcomes. With clearly set goals, each employee is allocated tasks, and their performance is evaluated against the organization's goals. Providing support and performance discussions is, however, important as it helps in determining the challenges that the employees are making and whether their performance aligns with the organization's objectives.

James Marioneaux Response

I agree with the author that the performance is a critical factor that needs to be reviewed regularly to determine how an employee is performing in a given task. There are different ways of managing the performance of an employee, and there are different factors to consider in determining the appropriate method. In the military, the performance of the soldiers is measured by the managers (Picardi, Collazo, & Miller, 2019). The managers use the training base proficiency database to assign roles. Quality assurance managers check the performance of employees and may report to a manager on the performance of an employee. The weakness of quality assurance managers is that they may not know how an employee is doing depending on the nature of work. In such cases, I agree with the author that coworkers are the best people to report the performance of their colleagues to managers.

PM Response

As a coach, the main important factor is the performance of the players, which determines the overall performance of the team. There are different methods to measure the performance of the players; hence the managers need to know the appropriate method to measure the performance of the players (Brown, Kraimer, & Bratton, 2019). The author is correct in the argument that the record performance of employees and the team is an important factor in predicting the performance of the team.

I think players GPAs is the most effective tool to measure the performance of the players because it relies on the performance history of the player. The performance helps in monitoring whether the players are improving their performance (Brown, Kraimer, & Bratton, 2019). I disagree with the author that the evaluation of the job performance for a group appraisal is the appropriate measurement tool because it generalizes the entire group as opposed to the performance of individual members.


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