How Western Racism Was a Cause or at Least a Result of Colonialism

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Date:  2021-06-25

Racism in the United States history dates back in the fifteenth century. The century witnessed several innate and unchangeable human identities majorly labeled according to their skin color, or the area of heritance. Racism back in the time saw earmarked by extreme forms of slavery, where majorly the black skinned population was the victims.

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By the time the western Europeans arrived in North America, at the start of 16th century, the land was formerly possessed by Native Americans. There erupted a fierce resistance when the French and British colonies the tried settling in the western parts of North America, majorly the states of Florida, Georgia and other parts neighbouring Canada (Eller, 2016). The resistance erupted when the Native Americans would not accept any foreigners settle in their land. Hence they fought to chase them from their land.

This rebellion, resistance and frequent conflicts between the Native Americans formed the basis of racism. The hatred erupted between these two groups of people, the Native Americans and the white Europeans from Western Europe (Eller, 2016). A conflict triggered racial abuse, mostly from the Native Americans. Racism can result to colonialism, and the colonialism of America can similarly be a result of the racism.

When the European settlers once arrive in America, in early 16th century, the local Native Americans treated then with racism, as well as other Americans. The British found resistance dealing with the racial Americans. Colonialism was then by racism in America. During the American colonization by the British, the colonists treated the Native Americans in classes, on relation to their races (Eller, 2016). The whites were given the first priorities, compared to the other traces. Native Americans then followed, and lastly the blacks were last in line, of superiority. This move, however, saw colonialism be the main reason for creating and spreading racism in America.

In the mid-1700s, one journalist, Carolus Linnaeus triggered the issue of racism, when he published an article in the classification system, system naturale. This particular article addressed the white and superior and the blacks as inferior in the nation (Eller, 2016). The article then created a hatred, and the racism became stronger, especially to the whites who could not recognize the blacks as citizens.

How The Issue Of Race And Racism Impacts To The Various Native Societies.

The point of race and racism were born out of the colonization in America. However, one would blame the colonialism for the racism in the country, but still different native societies had racism issues long before the colonization (Eller, 2016). However, the effects of racism on various indigenous groups s detrimental. One main racial group majorly oppress the other small group. This move has been the effects of racism in America in the recent times. For instance, the African Americans in the country are still facing threats of mistreatment from the police. Therefore, the race and racism have negatively affected the cohesion and interrelation of different native groups in America.


Racism in America dates long before the European colonialists in the land. Different native groups before the colonialism have some little racial issues, but the race issue was majorly triggered by the colonialism. Colonialism exaggerated the manner and the degree of colonialism in America, an effect which has been in the country even to the modern 21st century. The effects of racism have been negative to many native societies in America. Many mall groups, especially the black population, Hispanic and other Latin Americans have been sidelined in the national public opportunities, with the majority race, the white population being the core beneficiary of racism. Racism delays progression and development in any a society.

Work cited

Eller, J. D (2016). Cultural anthropology, global forces, local lives. Routledge.

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