Essay Sample on Qualities That Make Rudo Mazorodze a Great Leader

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Rudo Mazorodze, who is 28-year-old, was born and raised in Zimbabwe. She attended the University of Plymouth, England, for her undergraduate studies. She later joined the Canadian Royal Rose University for her master's degree in International Tourism and Management. After completing her master's degree, Rudo returned to Zimbabwe and started a fashion business - the Rungano Fashion Line. Rudo, who is my sister, is one of the most influential businesswomen I have ever had a chance to meet. I have chosen her for this project for she not only has a great business mind and her company is doing very well but also because she is a tremendous leader. Though she is demanding, her natural ability to exude genuine appreciation and respect towards her employees endears her to them. Rudo also has unrivaled self-confidence. This feature has opened many opportunities for her to climb up the social ladder in Zimbabwe.

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Rudo Mazorodze's Journey: From Zimbabwe to Fashion Entrepreneurship

Rudo ability to carry herself with dignity and poise makes her one of the greatest leaders I know. The justification for this assertion is the fact that all great leaders who managed to lead the movements that made radical political, social, and economic impacts, such as the Woman Suffrage or the anti-slavery movements, had these qualities. Her infectious self-assuredness and commitment to her beliefs inspire her employees to work hard. She is also accountable for every business decision she makes, which shows how passionate she is towards her success. As a result, her businesses are doing remarkably well.

The Birth of Rungano Fashion Line: A Testament to Rudo's Leadership

It is hard for people who do not know her to believe she started by selling items from the back of a car. For me, however, I have seen her transform from a humble beginning to the owner of wholesale shops and bureaus of exchange all over Zimbabwe she is today. Thus, Rudo is my authentic role model.

She adopted many of these qualities from our parents, especially our father whom she grew watching as he worked. Our father was a businessman who, with the help of his wife of 29 years, also built a business empire from nothing. Rudo started to show her capacity to lead and make good decisions at an early age. She manifested her leadership qualities in the way she would plan, organize, command, coordinate, and control the rest of us accomplish household chores. She was also amazing at delegating. Growing up under the same roof with Rudo, I had the first-hand experience of her impressive management skills since I was in the team of siblings she unofficially led. Despite the many attributes she picked from our parents, creativity was the outstanding one. She not only simplified work for everyone by innovating efficient methods of performing our responsibility but also regularly suggested new ideas for improving the family business while reducing costs.

As I reflect on Rudo's leadership skills, I have discovered that my sister demonstrates three leadership styles. These styles are autocratic, transformational, strategic leadership. This conclusion is due to the information I have gathered through experience and as a student. The three of them proportionally integrate and molds her into the leader she is today.

Analyzing Rudo Mazorodze's Leadership Styles

The autocratic leader leadership style involves the manager retaining almost all powers to make firm's decisions (Khan et al., 2015). From experience, and also looking at the precarious state of Zimbabwe's economy, I do not blame her for choosing a style that some scholars associate with adverse outcomes (Sorenson, 2000). Given she contributed all the capital, she is justified to exercise control over decisions impactoing profit margins because she could lose a lot due to such resolutions. Rudo also practices transformational leadership. This mode of management involves the leader leading from the front by motivating workers and initiating change (Alnasrallah, 2016). If a leader accurately implements this style, it inspires employees' commitment and brings about job satisfaction (Alnasrallah, 2016). Though my sister is short-tempered, she endeavors to maintain a professional relationship with her workers. As a result, she has taught her employees to differentiate between personal fights and work conflicts. At all times, she strives to motivate her staff by showing them how to do their job. She also gives them incentives, like bonuses, when they reach the set organizational goals. More importantly, she pays for their training to get acquainted with new products. Rudo is a strategic leader. Such a manager are can effectively forestall, challenge, and interpret the future and successfully decide, align, and learn to counter the unforeseeable market conditions shifts (Schoemaker, Krupp, & Howland, 2013). I have seen this in my sister largely successful undertaking to expand and in introducing new products.

Though Rudo demonstrates many of these management qualities, traits, and styles at work, her behaviors and actions outside of work still prove she is an incredible leader. My sister always tries to do the right thing even when no one is watching so much so this has become a norm. She is a good listener, kind and humble. Therefore, she rarely talks about her achievements. During meetings, she likes stating that "God gave me two ears and one mouth so that I listen more and talk less." She also believes in teamwork - a doctrine that drives her passion for winning. These characteristics are visible to people she meets. They also assist her to create business relationships that present her with opportunities to grow her ventures. People who exhibit kindness, humility, and value for teamwork nurture the respect of their team members and are an inspiration to their communities. My sister's authenticity makes her one of such individuals.

I admire my sister because she is a great leader. Emulating her also gives me the confidence I will become a great manager too. I made this realization after reading the article that lists five factors that make leaders great. My reverence of Rudo is further accentuated by her lack of shame to admit the mistakes she makes even in public. I can attest that I never experience this even from my parents. I am not sure I can pull it either.


For the above reasons, I appreciate that my sister has impacted me in many positive ways. For instance, she has made me realize sexism still reigns supremeespecially in African societies. However, perseverance eventually win. Rudo succeeded against all the odds for she never lost hope in herself. Although she had a family to support her, the help she got was not enough. After reading the article from this week's module What a Great Leader Should Look Like, I realized my sister must have felt so at some point, especially when she got pregnant. However, Rudo managed to defeat it. An African woman is expected to give birth to children and take care of the household and her husband. My sister was able to do her woman's duties and still went ahead with her dream to build an empire for herself and her family. For a person of my age, this is encouraging. As such, my sister is a personification of what great leader is to me.


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