Amazon's Rise: Examining Its Impact on the S&P 500 - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-10


The current marketing companies listed in the S& P500 companies index have the highest income returns every fiscal year. In this investigative report, Inc Company was chosen due to its significant rise in the market since it began its operations as an online market in 1996. Since it started its process as an online book store, the Company has gained popularity, becoming the world's largest online store (Yurttadur & Turker, 2017). The paper tries to investigate whether Inc company offers the current strategic plans to stay ahead of its customers.

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Problem Statement

Does Inc Company offer the current strategic plans to stay ahead of its Competitors?

Methodology and design

An in-depth analysis of the Company's operation will be conducted using scholarly articles. Any improvements needed for the Company's success will be recorded, and the suggested solutions included for further understanding (Baran & Klos, 2018). The Company's analysis will be narrowed to the Company's operations using the popular online marketing platform and the various success strategies used by the target company to become outstanding in the market (Maillard, 2017). Different market analysis models will be used to estimate the market position of the target company.

Literature Review

To attract its customers, the Company runs a reliable and compelling website enriched with up-to-date support features. The design objectives of the online e-commerce website are; reliability, efficiency, and usability (Illi, 2017). The site has an excellent interface that allows easy navigation while purchasing, viewing, and searching for products. As an added capability, any product has a preview presented as a short video or picture; this gives the customers an insight into the product before they make any purchases. The website has an appealing design with an interactive interface meeting the international standards for consumer interaction. The color and the fonts are maintained across its navigational pages. The online support system within the website allows the customers to make any additional help during purchase hence maintaining credibility and trust from customers (Mandaric, 2019). The site takes little time to load since it has been hosted using cloud computing, thus accessible.

Filson 2018 states that one of the factors that contribute to success in any business is having creative minds to be able to explore, innovate, and execute new business strategies. Amazon has known how to conquer the business world; it has continuously immersed itself into channels that engage them to its customers. The customers are allowed to collaborate with them to rate their system of the transaction through the five-star rating method. The method allows the customers to log in to the Amazon website. At the same time, online and be able to evaluate the products offered and which best suits the customer's service from the perspective of quality and standards. However, the Company needs to consider the most current marketing pulling factors, such as the use of Newsletters to remind its users about the most current products (Filson, 2018).

According to Ekanem 2017, The Amazon website was made in such a way that the customers can surf through it and either search on click on the items offered. Through a click, a customer can know the details of the product and even purchase it. The website is managed from a single source, and customers can buy multiple items from it. Amazon goes the extra mile to have a web program that connects every research page of the web search engines. It offers a free card which powerful tactic in ways of gaining new customers and maintaining the existing ones (Ekanem, 2017). Through the free ticket, it is a way of improving customer experience since those who get lucky of the open items will always revisit the amazon's website to find more. Instead of using gift cards, the Company should improve on discounting its customers depending on several items bought. This will motivate potential customers to purchase more products (Ekanem, 2017).

Maillard 2018 argues that Competition is inevitable in every sort of business. It can be carried out where one finds the opponent's weakness or by either improving on one's strategies of carrying out the business. Amazon does the later mostly; it has cheaper products and fast shipping of the items. This has enabled it to conquer the market. Most of the dirty things are mostly shipped freely to the customers. Every customer's order is handled in-house, and to make sure that the customer is satisfied, they have established a type of circulation system to make sure that only the latest form of an item is sent to the customer. The system has a terminal show platform that enables an employee in the selection and picking of the articles after the shipment. Since Amazon relies on other third party companies for delivery services, they should seek in setting their established manufacturing companies to cater for income balance in a competitive manner (Maillard, 2018).


For any business to survive in a competitive environment, it must devise ways of fighting with significant challenges while using innovative strategic plans. Inc Company has a set of a current strategic plan which helps the Company thrive during the giant companies. Its logistic capabilities are demonstrated through service delivery, attractive designs, and other pulling factors.


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