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Buying a car is a significant purchase for most Americans. Financing and negotiating a car purchase can be complicated even though buyers try to ensure that they are doing their due diligence to get the best deal possible (Gupta, 70). Buyers usually purchase a car based on what they are familiar with. In the case of buying a car, buyers should have proper knowledge about the safety, size, and reliability of the car (Dahiya, Rekha and Gayatri, 83). Notably, finding the right car and getting a great deal is exhilarating. To avoid stress and frustrations, car-buyers should go into the process when they are adequately prepared.

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Step One

The Subaru Outback is an automotive nameplate of Japanese automaker Subaru for two different cars: the Outback Sport of an Impreza-derived hatchback, and the Outback of a Legacy-based Station Wagon (Nagler, 12). The redesigned model of Subaru Outback 2020 looks like its predecessor, but it has been improved to provide a better ride and reduced noise models. The car is of preference because of its safety, practicality, and convenience for daily chores (Wright, Timothy, Svancara and William, 9). Additionally, the car’s readiness for the outdoors could make any weekend an adventure.

Step Two

When buying a car, buyers should first research the car option. At this point, one is required to think about what he/she wants, versus what they need. Some of the car-buying considerations include safety, size, and reliability (Cimperman, et al. 43). After understanding what one is looking for, the buyer should have realistic financing options. That means buyers should not borrow more than they can comfortably repay. The other issue that should be put into consideration is whether to buy or lease a car (de Sa, et al. 29). Experts argue that buying and leasing a car is about the same for the first few years. At this point, the buyer should also be aware of the difference between monthly payments and depreciation when buying or leasing a car. A buyer is also required to take his/her time and negotiate for a price that they feel is fair (Clark, Glenn and Kiron, 110). One is not obligated to accept any offer. Lastly, buyers should consider other costs, determine their payment amount, and take precautions because buying a car is a big decision that requires one to proceed at their own pace.

Step Three

Subaru is not only interested in who its clients are but also what buyers want, and the company understands well that customers want everything to stay mostly the same.

The redesigned 2020 Subaru Outback has been fitted with a classy cabin and serves up plenty of space (Khurana and Mayank, 132). The car ranks competitively among wagons. Subaru Outback is characterized by the following features; high-end interior, excellent off-road capability, and powerful optional turbocharged engine. The Subaru Outback 2020 was bestowed with high honours by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (Dua and Kenneth, 18). The car also scored an excellent rating in the passenger-side small-overlap front crash test, after nailing all the requirements for the standard of the award (Parenteau, et al. 93). Subaru Outback is considered a good wagon because of its excellent cargo capacity for the class. Experts claim that the 2020 Subaru Outback is not for poseurs. The car make is all-new, although it is difficult to tell so by looking at its exterior. However, buyers should understand that the car's materials have been given a significant upgrade that drives a feeling of impression. It is easier to drive the “2020 Subaru Outback” because it has been fitted with sharper handling and improved steering. Some of its safety tech features are more eyesight.

Step Four (Pricing Information)

The 2020 Subaru Outback starts at $26,645. However, other wagons start at around $40,000 and above. The Subaru Outback is fitted with features that make life easier and more fun. The model is characterized with advanced technology that makes every trip exciting. The manufacturers considered what families use, what they do, and even features they don’t know about.

For a used Subaru Outback model of 2015, the cost of the car averages at around $14,600. Such a car has averagely covered 122,700 kilometres and its engine of 2,500cc. Its list year is 2015 and of excellent condition.

Calculation of “Drive-Out” Price

New car price= $26,645

Subtract trade-in value= $4,000

Equals net difference = $22,645

Document preparation and related fees= $850

Equals total before tax, tag, and title=$23,495

Add taxes= $1,644

Add tag, title, and related fees = $56

Equals total “drive-out” price= $25,195

Pay off on trade-in = $2,000

Amount to be financed= $27,195

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