How the Poems or Stories of Edgar Allan Poe Correlated His Life Essay

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Date:  2022-10-19

How the Poems or Stories of Edgar Allan Poe Correlated his Life

It is worthwhile to realize that most of Edgar Allen Poe's poems correlate with his life based on the dimension which his life took from the very moment he was young to the time of adulthood. His life was filled with tragedy and dark past. For example, in the death of the biological mother, the abandonment of the father, and later the death of the foster mother. He later lost his siblings and wife at the end of it all. He equally survived on debts, an issue which made him owe many people hence continually being criticized by the people who were around him. He, therefore, decided to write poems and stories which symbolized his life as a way of proving to people the constant challenges that couple human life in their quest of finding that which can enhance their lives. Most of Poe's life was equally accompanied by instances of depression following the already mentioned challenges in both the introductory paragraphs and the beginning of the body paragraphs. He is thus opined to be a writer or a poet who focused on dark stories; an example can be deduced in the story, "The Masque of the Red Death." The story presents a case where a country is haunted by a deadly plague which was referred to as the Red Death. The plague swept faster across different nations like the renowned black plague in Europe. For example, if a person were to catch such an example of a plague (The Red Plague), he or she was supposed to be quarantined and shut out from other aiders. The symptoms of the plague were horrible, for example, bringing about dizziness and cutting pain which was followed by the blood that seeped abundantly on the pores.

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An interesting life correlation can be noted with the similarity of the plague to tuberculosis

The disease disturbed Edgar Allen Poe for years. Poe's biological mother, the foster mother, wife, and siblings all died because of the disease. The death of these people brought him horrible experiences which were coupled with frustrations and depressions. He, therefore, wrote the story to show the disease that claimed the life of his entire family while applying literary techniques that would call for critical analysis skills of the literary scholars to connect with the realities of his writings. The correlation can be extended to the story, "The Raven," which is one of the most popular American literature. The story, "The Raven," depicts the life of a bereaved scholar, a person mourning for lost love and living a life that is driven insanely by grief. The poem, "The Raven," begins after midnight when Poe is a little creeped out hence tries to tell himself that it may be the wind which may be hitting against the window. As the poem progresses, there are many instances of symbolism that reflect the life of the poet, for example, the title of the poem itself represented a sad situation. It can also mean never-ending remembrance, issues which are explicit in the life of Edgar Allan Poe. His sorrow for the loss of a perfect maiden was not ending any sooner hence the driving force between his conversation and the Raven. Reading through the poem, "The Raven," one would be encouraged to dig deeper based on the manner in which Poe used coherent connections between different symbols that encouraged the readers to engage into thorough thinking and analysis to determine the real meaning of his writings.

In consideration of the correlations or the connections, we can construe the stories of Poe much of a puzzle because they first appear to be intact, but after taking time to read through them, one will realize that there is more to them than earlier thought. Another story which can be used to justify the manner in which most of the writings of Edgar Allan Poe correlated his life can be noted in the Cask of Amontillado. The storyline of the Cask of Amontillado is based on a man whose desire is on getting revenge on someone else following the insults which he receives. The primary plot deals with inebriation and the live burial of the antagonist. The story shows that the antagonist, Fortunato was buried alive as a way of paying for the injustices which he committed. The kind of burial proves the prominent theme that runs through the story as that of revenge. The Cask of Amontillado is thus a general description of Poe's life. The story was written by Poe at a period when he was undergoing difficult moments of his life. The people attacked him unjustly after being abandoned by the father. It was also the time in which he accrued many debts with the objective of making ends meet, something which escalated the attacks he got from the people. Edgar Allan Poe wanted to express his hatred and revenge against some of his friends who wrongly accused him. He, therefore, used different characters with different roles but with an ultimate goal on the antagonist who in the book is Fortunato. Just like most of his other stories and poems, the Cask of Amontillado was meant to portray the different challenges and problems which he underwent. From the beginning of the story, there is the depiction of the main character speaking about the thousands of injuries which he had borne from Fortunato, but the very moment he ventured insult on the protagonist, he vowed revenge. The protagonist, in this case, takes the place of Edgar Allan Poe to portray the manner in which other people's insults may impact one's life until the point where they can take it no more thus resorting to revenge. The further justifications enhance the manner in which the story (The Cast of Amontillado) replicated or correlated the life of Edgar Poe.


In summary, Edgar Allan Poe is regarded as one of the greatest writers in history. His writings were coupled with unmatched styles and themes which reflected his life. He came from a humble background, and the situation worsened after the death of his biological mother and the subsequent abandonment by the father. He later lost his foster mother and other siblings, something which made him survive on debts hence losing respect amongst the people who were around him. As such he suffered depression and frustrations as shown in most of his poems and stories. Some of the poems and stories which have been used to show the manner in which his life correlated his works included, "The Masque of the Red Death, the Raven, and the Cask of Amontillado," to mention but a few.

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