Rules of the Game: The Dean Essay Example

Paper Type:  Essay
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  579 Words
Date:  2022-09-20


A haven is a place where we usually go to put our mind into rest and cut out our surrounding world. Our mind needs to relax sometimes especially after a tiresome task or active day. Relaxing is always a reason why most people would carry themselves along to the sanctuary. Therefore, finding a place that will give Dean peace of mind will be his haven. In this essay, he mentioned that he would retreat to his safe heaven which is the renovated garage. Its Deans sanctuary (Amy, p.88). Just the way he must relax, sometimes Dean will need will need to have a feel of his mental statuary and this will be created by his safe heaven garage vivid outlook.

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Dean has a real taste for food. The table filled with alabaster. Everything you think and things you've never dreamed of waiting. Cows, goats, and chlorine continue to circulate. A big chunk of chicken stuffed with spicy fruits and nuts. Marine life is buried in sauces or beggars for soaking in spicy spices. Cheese, bread, bread, vegetables, sweets, waterfalls, wine, and souls' pieces of bread into countless flames.

The room is beautifully decorated from wall-to-wall and has colorful furnishings with stunning stories to say in perfect beige. The windows are not inaccurate and attractive. I hang on the back of the room. Every mysterious character of this area, like a quiet watch. The white curtain is ultimately settled in a faint room. This busy, peaceful bedroom is waiting to be discovered. Cliffs, pollen and dust away from the sun enter the world with dark clouds and a frenzied light, dive into the darkness (Amy, p.88). Sunlight splashes in a forest with trees and flowers. On cold days, the leaves have a pale red-orange color, and the mustard color is from attractive sunlight. A beautiful world is born outside the abdomen. The considerable flock is preparing for an old road that goes by so many birds seeking the long-awaited underwater adventure and the perfect mud to fall asleep in the winter.

The rustic church ceilings of Deans garage have gray greens with lots of speeches, each in a well-planned location. At first glance, it looks like an antique wooden antique boy. Each piece adds a warm and obsolete unique element to a quiet, calm room. Each board represents a complete landscape map. Overlooking the dark darkness of the sky, overflowing streams of the infinite range of unusual trees, forests and hills. The color of the chocolate and noodles is soft and emphasizes the natural beauty of the slender part of rough, rough wood (Amy, p.88). The smooth kaffir limestone leaves are decorated with ancient copper ceiling fans, thin dust layers on top of powerful six-leaf leaves. Under the ceiling, 18 inches hovering over an artificial carpet bed, huge beds are enormous. A sturdy oak stick is attached to a brown metal frame with scratches or smudges, including the same oval footboard. Four large oak, soft quilts lying on an infinite rainbow-colored bed. A bright blanket like the sun overturns dry corn with popcorn. Oak from tree bark to brown New rusted chocolate in the white shirt.


In summary, for Deans safe heaven is paying attention and creating sound, smell, and scent just like a vivid dream. It is always a pleasant experience being able to keep Dean in a realistic and pleasant serenity.

Works cited

Tan, Amy. "Rules of the game." The joy luck club, Penguin books, 2006, pp.89-100.

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