How Social Media Affects One's Self-Esteem Essay

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Date:  2022-06-27

With the advent of the internet close to a decade ago, there originated new forms of communication that came to be known as social networking. This project could not occur at a better time due to the increased use of social media among individuals in the 21st century, and more specifically the youth. In particular, social networking sites such as my space, twitter, and Facebook have become progressively popular and an integral part of the day to days activities. Roughly ninety percent of students in colleges have a social media account for example Facebook, while the estimated average amount of time spent on these sites by a single individual range from 30 minutes to two hours, a routine that has impacted negatively on most youths. This, therefore, indicates the urgency associated with this project

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This topic has been of significant interest to me due to the ever growing and increasing number of young users. Also, the use of social media has bred negative results despite positive outcomes intended for by the founders. Still, the topic matters to me as most of my friends have become slaves of social media making it impossible for them to become productive in other areas of their lives.

As I pursue this topic and invest my time, brain and money into researching the effects of social media on one's self-esteem, I believe there is a lot at stake. The most important thing is to prove that the continued and obsessive use of social media has impacted negatively on the self-esteem of most youngsters.

On completion of this project, I hope that from the findings, the readers will be able to recognize the adverse effects of social media on their self-esteem and find effective ways to reduce their usage so to ensure that they become more productive in other areas without their self-esteem being destroyed.

Numerous researches have been conducted on this topic and varied results obtained. For instance; some results have indicated the adverse outcomes associated with continued social media usage especially on self-esteem. For instance research by Nancy, Sales show that 'teenage girls spend so much time on social media that they cannot learn the necessary skills of communication' ( Nancy 56). Whereas, other results indicate an increase in self-esteem for the social media users. For example, research by Amy Gonzales and Hancock Jeffery indicate that 'becoming self-aware through regular viewing of one's Facebook profile improves their self-esteem instead of reducing it' (Amy and Hankok, 80). Consequently, this project will be seeking to prove that social-media does, in fact, affect peoples' self-esteem negatively.

This project will focus on developing on already existing knowledge by leaning more towards how affected persons deal with negative self-esteem as they use social media, a section that has not been considered during most previous researches. However, existing knowledge will be used on many occasions to assist in the build-up, as well as provide background information.

As I prepare to embark on this vital project, I plan to carefully allocate time to each segment of the research to avoid instances of delays. Also, I plan to locate all the necessary materials required before I commence of the project to ensure orderliness and proper sequence. Some of the steps that I will take to ensure I successfully meet the course goals include setting a deadline. This will ensure timely completion of each stage of the project. Secondly, I will work on my mindset and develop my skills set.


From the research I have conducted so far, the knowledge acquired will assist in making small deductions and findings as well as identify areas that need more attention. Prior research will also equip me with background information and help me focus on the objectives of the project. Consequently, the study will focus on a particular set of perspectives.

Works cited

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Sales, N. J. American Girls. 2017. Print.

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