Effect of my Physical Therapy Experience to my Personal Growth: Personal Statement

Paper Type:  Personal statement
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Date:  2022-03-11


Since I was young, the most observable quality in me was empathy. I have grown up to become a professional physical therapy assistant to help people in need. If asked, I acknowledge this career to be the most meaningful experience in my life and has greatly influenced my personal growth. My attitude and perception have significantly changed with my experience as a physical therapy assistant. The experience in the career has promoted my mental and physical well-being as well as expanded my knowledge in different life aspects.

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In my work setting as a physical Therapist Assistant, we provide physical therapy services. Being naturally empathetic, I am always happy to help clients attain their full potential based on their physical function. Assisting others to live efficiently gives me a good mood and a good attitude. It always feels good to me to see a person regain his strength and capabilities as well as perform their routines effectively. Moreover, helping people with pain recover is always a good deed. This experience helps me live a happy life.

In my life, I have learned to learn from the experiences of others. My growth as a professional physical therapy assistant has helped me interact with different people of different backgrounds with different views. Sometimes I get to talk with my clients broadly on a subject they choose and get to understand different perspectives on various issues. Over the years, I have grown wise and knowledgeable on many subjects, increasing my efficiency at work. Many clients find me equipped with the knowledge to handle any situation that often comforts them and gives hope of a fast recovery. In addition, being knowledgeable has helped me provide mental support essential for the recovery process of the client.

My career experience involves essential hands-on training in the field that aids in the development and function of the human body. Helping my clients physically also keeps me physically fit. Exercises promote my physical well-being, which is an essential part of my life. My good health is greatly attributed to my personal growth due to regular workouts with my clients, conversely benefitting me.

My experience as a physical therapist assistant has greatly influenced my character. I am an organized, strategic, and optimistic lad. Providing intervention to help my clients has grown me into an orderly and timely person. These qualities have helped me provide the best plan of care to my clients based on their perspectives. Moreover, being optimistic and strategic has boosted my self-esteem to help others. My communication skills have also been positively influenced. My character has been positively attributed to good and new skills that have also led to my personal growth.


In conclusion, my experience as a physical therapist assistant has promoted my personal growth significantly. My attitude and perception have changed positively. My skills in taking care of a client have also been boosted; supporting my work suitability. The experience has influenced my happy life; helping other people gives me a sense of achievement. Hence; my experience has promoted my mental, and physical well-being, conversely promoting my personal growth.


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