How People Form Impressions of Who They Are and How Communication Affects Self-Perceptions

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Date:  2022-05-26

Impression formation involves a process through which impression concerning one converts into less or more enduring thoughts or cognitions regarding a person. The impression that an individual creates is what other people draw inferences or quick conclusion concerning them. The self-concept refers to ideas that one holds concerning them. Communication between a person and other individuals relies on the way a person compares themselves to others, personal anxiety, the environment or the individuals around. The process of forming a person's impression mostly focuses on the interactions of face to face between people and the significance of every day. The personal communication depends on the performance as well as the relationship between the people.

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When individuals choose to interact with others through the social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, they aim at trying to guide as well as establishing a given image through which the other person attains knowledge concerning them and sees them (de Vries and Kuhne 219). The guiding in the impression formation process represents the attempt by a person to depict positive concepts regarding self and the impressions that are desired. Through texting and the use of social media platforms, the interactions between the person and the intended audience usually are interchangeable in a manner that both individuals perform the role of developing impressions accordingly.

Both online community and social media attendance have increased to become an essential part of social lives of people. The social media platforms provide a new opportunity for people to create the impression they want others to have about them. People communicate through the social media platforms by texting and sending of their photos. The primary reason why many individuals follow Instagram feeds of various people even though they do not know them is to acquire the impression that people want them to have about them without much mental effort (Tokunaga and Quick 160). People who are favorite users of Instagram communicate a given favorable perception regarding themselves via their posts which make individuals want following their feeds by communication through social media texting and use of videos which provide their facial appearance, the way they cloth, talking, walking and behaving. People always think about the image that they want to deliver to others concerning how other people are going to see them. However, people do not know that in several times other people fail to see how they wish others would view them.

What others tell a person frequently help them to form their real image the one that a person will project towards everyone else. I view myself being a reasonable person. I usually do a lot of things by my means. Even though I am not that perfect in my field, I believe that I do best in specific ways. I may lack the outstanding physical characteristics just like some, but I have a firm belief that I am a better individual inside. The perception that I have concerning myself is affected by the past in that from the past I have desired to explore more things and knowing what more to life which has to provide is. In the present, I like handling difficult situations that I face on my means, and I would want in the future to remain a better individual inside and have a clear conscience. From the conversations that I have had with my friends have changed the way I think about myself since I felt that I do not inspire anyone in life. However, my friends told me that they valued me since I made them realize several essential things in their lives.

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