How Body Language Shapes Who We Are - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-01-18


The title of the talk is, "Your body language may shape who you are." The speaker of the talk is Amy Cuddy, who is a social psychologist. Body language not only impacts peoples' perception towards us but also changes how we see ourselves (Amy Cuddy, 2012). Standing in a particular posture determines whether we are confident or nervous. A powerful posture helps in boosting confidence, even when we are feeling unconfident. Powerful people are more confident and optimistic as compared to the powerless. Positive thinking helps in boosting confidence. confidence is attained by faking it until you become.

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The talk is generally interesting and helpful to those struggling with self-esteem and confidence issues. Confidence starts with positive thinking that is possible through self-talk. The talk is interesting, and the information provided can be embraced by those who would like to pretend to be powerful until they become. One of the parts that I liked was the speakers' personal story on how she felt powerless after her Intelligence quotient dropped by two standard deviations. She was, however, determined to succeed hence the reason why she worked hard and finally graduated from college. The second part that I liked was where she narrated how she helped a student who was feeling powerless.

I feel that the Tedtalk was helpful as it made me understand what different postures mean and techniques that are effective in boosting confidence. People perceive us in a particular manner depending on our posture, so it is significant to learn on appropriate posture as it is helpful in real life. Interviewers, for example, perceive job candidates in a particular manner depending on their posture and students who embrace a powerful posture attain better grades than those who are powerless.

The Tedtalk has merit because it describes the behavior of people influence them either positively or negatively depending on the behavior of the person (Amy Cuddy, 2012). The arguments of the speaker seem to be valid regarding how the body language speaks of the character of the person. The merit of the talk is that it educates people on the importance of having correct body language. Boy language also influences the person who is using non-verbal communication; hence, they should influence themselves positively.

The talk by Cuddy relates to my learning experience concerning self-esteem such that people with high esteem will show by their body language (Amy Cuddy, 2012). People tend to be more confident in what they do as compared to people with less self-esteem who are not confident. For example, animals with self-esteem and confidence will show off their strengths whenever they are challenged. People with self-esteem become more successful because they are willing to take more risks.


There are various times when I have lost opportunities because of my body language. One instance is an interview of a vacant position that I was called for an interview (Amy Cuddy, 2012). I was not successful in securing the job because of how I answered the interview question. My body posture made me lack the confidence the answer the interview questions. In that incident, I would have used the right posture to help me have more confidence while responding to the interview questions. I would recommend this Tedtalk to the young people for them to learn how they are supposed to conduct themselves. Young people can learn good behaviors to practice positive thinking.


Amy Cuddy. (2012). Your Body language shapes who you are [Video]. Retrieved from

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