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Larry Strate plumbing and heating company was cited by the occupational health and safety administration due to the death of one the company's foreman who was working in an excavated trench at lee summit. According to occupational health and safety, the worker's death occurred as he was installing a sanitary sewer line in a home that was still under construction at the time the incident happened. This was considered a tragic accident that would have been avoided by putting more effort on employees training and through the installation of a trench protector. After an investigation, OSHA cited the Larry Strate plumbing and heating company had five main violations that include. First, failure to protect the employees working in the trench from the danger of trench collapsing. Through the implementation of the appropriate precaution measures. Secondly, failure to ensure that the soil piles and the equipment are kept atheist two feet away from the trench that the employees were working on. Thirdly, failure to inspect the trench on a daily basis before the start of every shift and after every shift to ensure the site is left in good condition. Fourth, the company's failure to train workers on how to identify the various workplace hazards. Fifth, failure to provide the workers with the means of egress from the trench. According to the OSHA agency, the accident that occurred was due to willful violations since the company had failed to implement the basic precautions.

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US Postal Service Mail Carrier, MA.

The United States postal services was cited by the occupational health and safety administration for severe safety violation due to the occurrence of a heat-related death of one of the letter carriers which was working in the forest street post office. According to reports, the worker collapsed on 5th July after performing his daily duties for five hours in an environment with a temperature of 94 degrees and a heat index of over 100 degrees. During his normal daily routine he carried, a mailbag that weighed thirty-five pound. The employer allowed the employee to work in the area despite the heat advisory issued by the national weather service. The worker, however, died on the next day after suffering from a stroke. The united states postal services was cited for various violations that include; first, exposing workers to the identified hazard of excessive heat. Secondly, failure to introduce an effective stress management program that would help to inform the mail carrier on how to avoid symptoms of heated illness. OSHA cited the violation as serious since the employer knew about the hazard existed since they had been warned about it and it would have resulted in more deaths in case it was not contained.

Hagel Metal

Hagel metal fabrication company was cited by the united states occupational health and safety administration due to death of a twenty-three-year-old employee who was crushed by a machine. According to reports, the twenty-three-year-old workers was performing his normal work duties when he accidentally entered the area where the automatic laser cutting machine was without his knowledge. This resulted in him being fatally crushed by the machine. The company was cited to have had various willful violations that include; first, lack of putting up safeguards to prevent employees from being in the machine area. Secondly, unguarded open-sided floors that could cause a fall hazard. Thirdly, bypassing the machine safeguards across two laser cutting machine. OSHA cited the violation as willful since they assumed most of the basic precautions.

Manassas, Va., Air Carrier

Metropolitan aviation was ordered by the occupational health and safety department to reinstate the company's pilot and reinstate any salary damages. The company's pilot filed a complaint with the united states occupational health and safety administration with the claim of an alleged retaliation from a protected activity that was under Wendell ford aviation reform and investment act for the twenty-first century. After OSHA's investigation, it was found out that the pilot's complaints were valid. safetyOSHA administration cited the company for violating the pilots right after being fired for reporting a case of an emergency landing. This was considered as a serious violation since it could have resulted in a severe or catastrophic situation in case an accident happened.

Mental Health Provider Signs Settlement

North Suffolk mental health provider has agreed with the occupational health and safety department to protect their workers against various hazards in the workplace. The agreement occurred after North Suffolk, a mental health worker who was working in the facility as a counselor died in 2011 after the association's group home based in revere abducted and murdered him. Occupation health and safety administration cited North Suffolk mental health association for the violation of failing to protect the workers well from the various hazards of workplace violence. The violation was how very considered to be serious since if it is not controlled, it could result in more deaths.

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