Essay Example on My Leadership Skills: Growing & Developing Annually

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Date:  2023-02-27

With reference to my e-portfolio, my leadership skills and competences grow and develop consistently every year. I have committed to the four guiding principles to help me ensure that service delivery of all the nurses under my leadership is efficient and timely. I also ensure that the relationship guide is not just a game we play as team members of clinical sector of my unit but also extended to both patients and other departments. Elaborately, the Clinic Leadership Competence Framework (2011) has not only been the point of reference to my competent service delivery but also a source of guidance to the entire team that I lead. For instance, on matters of gathering information for analysis and decision-making, my team members have been so supportive and corporative. Whenever need arises they submit required information in time and in case there is a short training and learning from me they will always cooperate with any delays.

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The improvement observed in my leadership competence is due to the belief I have in my personal vision and credo. In a society like ours, we get many challenges for instance; being a young leader, some of the colleagues who may be from other departments may not see you worth of that position. The motivational content of my vision statement and my credo keeps me going and always make my performance spirits high (Kirkpatrick, 2016). Whenever I feel demoralized or low-spirited I will go back to my vision take a cup of coffee and stroll the compound of my work premises to rejuvenate my energy.

On the other hand, effective leadership to me does not necessarily mean dispensing authority over your subjects at work. Consequently, it means the ability to understand yourself, identify priorities, set a clear and achievable mission, and actively mobilize any available resources to achieve your set goals (Cope & Murray, 2017). For this reason, in my leadership role in nursing career, having a good relationship with my junior colleagues becomes my first resource in achieving my goals. I believe in the power of togetherness and the small efforts that every employ is putting to make the work of effectively serving the patients become a success (Graban, 2018). In my nursing profession, I informally display leadership skills when dealing with patients and this encounter influences their safety and quality of health care service.

I have also been engaging in several leadership workshops and capacity buildings including, in-house development programs. I have also proactively involved myself with maintaining positive relationships with both colleagues and patients as part of my guiding principles. I believe in going out of my way as a leader I should not just stick to the responsibilities of keeping the nursing team to help in maintaining our environment clean. I believe this is necessary towards a safe and high quality service deliver to patients in our health center.

In conclusion, I believe that over the period I have been a leader I successfully put in place necessary tools and strategies that enabled success in my service delivery as a leader. Some of the tools and strategies include setting alarm clocks to remind me of my schedules during the day as I organize my duties giving priority to the most pressing issues. More importantly, I strongly believe in people's diverse abilities and skills and that is why I believe in teamwork. I give every individual equal opportunity to display their unique capabilities to help in maintaining safe and high quality health care to our patients. For the same reason I always want to engage my team members by seeking for feedback from their respective posts and responsibilities because the feedbacks inform us on the next action plan moving into the future.


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