How Administrative Theory Relates to Higher Education Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-20

The administrative theory is a theory developed by Henri Fayol that revolves around the operation of an organization. Fundamentally, this theory advocates for proper and formal administrative activities which majorly involve clear division of labor, the organizational structure and the delegation of authority and power within the organization. Ideally, it further provides guidelines for the simplification of an organization's activities. Undeniably, the administrative theory is an essential theory in the application of the effective functioning of an organization. One of the significant areas where the administrate theory can be successfully applied is higher education. The American higher education systems face tremendous challenges when it comes to solving the achievement gaps among students from diverse backgrounds (Petchauer, 2012). There has been an increasing concern that the performance of the students coming from the disadvantaged minority as compared to the performance of the demonstrated by the white students of the same grade level. One of the most affected areas includes the Teachers Preparation Program. This program has faced an increasing gap in the context of educational achievement between the majority and the minority. The administrative theory, therefore, relates highly with the higher education based on the fact that the Bolman and Deal Frames can be applied to enhance educational achievement and completion of Teachers Education Program among the minority.

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The administrative theory focuses more on the leadership and how the management of the organization is structured as well as how the individuals therein are organized to accomplish the tasks provided to them. As such, the application of the Bolman and Deal's Structural Frame can help enhance the educational achievement of the minority students in the Teachers Preparation Programs.

The structural frame mirrors the rules, goals, and technology of higher education's organizations. This frame focuses on fundamental pillars, goal direction and operation accomplishment of higher education. In this light, the higher education implements rules, for instance, a university will have rules that are to be followed by the students, staff and the lecturers. Failure to the adherence to the standards means that the organizational goals are not met. It also involves task accomplishment in the organization (Shephard, Bourk, Mirosa, & Dulgar, 2017). This entails the distribution and allocation of tasks for example in college and how the assigned parties manage their duties in the allocated time.

About the higher education, the structural frame can be used to make proper educational decisions that aim at not only improving the quality of knowledge on a general perspective but also enhancing suitable environment and factors for the students from minority communities to complete their teaching programs (Petchauer, 2012). Broadly, the consensus on the decisions should, therefore, include the entire teaching department. Within the larger units, the use of structural frame will aid in the building of the consensus among the one's direct report. However, their reports can cause division when people within different parts of the hierarchical structure disagree. Making a decision and expecting the compliance afterward therefore forms an integral component of the structural framework. It gives credence to the notion that the decisions must be made and the authority must also be respected (Shephard, Bourk, Mirosa, & Dulgar, 2017).

There has been a tremendous challenge when it comes to the Teacher Licensure Exams as there is a big gap between the African American and the white students who can complete this certification (Petchauer, 2012). The education in an undergraduate major is fundamentally distinct from others based on the fact that the students must be tested into it. While it is normal for the bodies certifying many professions to administer the professional assessments before granting licensure, the organization of the teacher licensure is different from other businesses. The licensure occurs at the undergraduate level where the prospective teachers must pass fundamental skills licensure exams before formal admission into a program. Even though the students are subjected to the same exams, the existing policies, and frameworks not favor effective performance among the black students. Notably, the social justice and academic excellence are tremendously disconnected thus preventing the students from completing and achieving their certification.


Education leaders should, therefore, apply the structural frame and its concepts to enhance equality and the educational achievement among the students pursuing the Teachers Preparation Programs. The policies should, therefore, be tailored towards funding and resources to the disadvantaged, prevent grade repetition, and encourage the minority students to enter the mainstream education (View & Frederick, 2011). Furthermore, the teachers must be given good opportunities for professional development and the right pedagogical knowledge to identify their abilities and access to the test exams.


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