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Do you have a passion for learning, the feeling that you need to update yourself to reach your full potential regularly? Do you have a portable device that is readily available? Then online education is the best option for you. Online education has become a new trend for the majority of people in the world. This type of learning is convenient for all kinds of students in terms of expenses, comfort and flexibility. The environmental footprint has become small enough that it is almost impossible to fit all types of students.

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For this reason, online education has become a factor that should be seriously considered in the persuasion of students to join in an attempt to further their careers. Therefore, this paper will attempt to use social media as a method of promoting online education. Besides, the article attempts to provide a comprehensive and apt identification of the promotional message as well as determination of the intended target.

Advantages of Online Education as the Promotional Message

Through online education, a student is provided with the option to study whatever they like at the pace that they prefer. However, a student needs serious time management skills to have a successful session of online education.


Online education makes it easy for a student to study wherever they feel comfortable. There is no need to travel or even leave their own homes. For instance, a disabled student can choose to study online to avoid the hassle of commuting from one place to another. Through online education, the student can still receive proper training that will enable them to grow in life. This type of learning is most convenient for the students who are unable to secure the quality of education that they desire. Online learning also helps to promote a comfortable environment that is suitable for the student to study. For instance, the option to study from home may help the student to save money that would have been used to get to the campus. Aside from saving money, the student can also be able to save time as they are studying from home and require no necessary preparations to travel. As a result, the student can use the extra money to purchase accessories needed for their education such as books.

Furthermore, the student can also use the extra time to study and get better grades. Online training is also very convenient for disabled students as they are saved from putting the extra effort and time to secure a place that they can attain their education. On the same note, students who have had an experience with bullying or are prone to anxiety attacks can opt to study online. The online platform provides a calming environment where the student is free to pursue whichever career path they want without the fear of judgment from their fellow students. Additionally, online education may be the best option to curb the threat of hazing as well as alcohol and substance abuse. Therefore, online learning may offer the best opportunity for a student to study comfortably.


The cost of online education is one of the most beneficial factors that should be considered. Through online training, the student does not need to print their assignments on physical papers since they can submit them through the online platforms that are set up by the system. The students are required, however, to format their assignments to meet the requirements of the lecturer before submitting their documents online. Furthermore, studying through online platforms is beneficial as the students do not need to buy physical books that they have to carry around wherever they go. All their documents can be conveniently found online and moved using even our mobile phones. However, students may also need to purchase science kits to get experience that is more hands-on while carrying out their assignments. Using online platforms helps the students access books that they would otherwise need from libraries but are afraid of borrowing for fear of misplacing the books. Using online libraries, students can access and use any text from local and international libraries any time that they may need the book. When all these savings are combined for the student, the student becomes more interested in exploring and experiencing online education. Moreover, since these savings are visible to the student, especially those who are also working, the levels of motivation to study are increased since it becomes cheaper to study online than attend actual classes at the campus.

Increased Time Between Students and Instructors

The traditional classroom may at time prevent students from getting personalized attention which they may require. For instance, the student may need to seek the instructor during free time to learn more about a concept that they did not understand or ask a question that they were not able to enquire in class due to the limited time. This limitation is mostly brought about by the increased number of students in a given classroom. However, online education provides increased time between the student and the instructors since the student receives personal guided discussions from their tutors. The students are free to ask questions any time they feel lost or need clarifications without having to wait for available opportunities. This freedom is due to the provision of hallmark classes that are available online. Therefore, the student has a higher chance of performing well as a result of the increased attention they receive from their instructors. Aside from that, the students also have an opportunity to improve their online communication skills as well as their problem-solving skills. The interactions between the students and instructors also help them to identify the best methods of defending their arguments to their superiors if an occasion presents itself.


Online education is very flexible and enables the student to carry out other tasks while at the same time obtaining their education. For instance, a student can work while at the same time study using online platforms. Also, online learning provides the flexibility of a student in such a way that a student can sit comfortably at home, do their assignment and mail it to their instructors or upload it to a chat room where the other students can be able to see it. The student can also be able to log into and participate in open discussions with fellow students that are beneficial to all students. In the traditional class set-up, students need to book appointments to see their instructors and discuss any issues they may have. However, online education eases and speeds up that process in such a way that the student can contact their tutors at their free time and the tutors will respond accordingly. Thus, the needs of an online student will be met faster and using a more straightforward process instead of booking for an appointment. One assumption that most people have is that online education limit the places a student can learn from as it requires on to be indoors at all times. This assumption is not necessarily correct. Aside from being at home, online classes can also be attended in special libraries and labs that are provided for by some universities and colleges. However, it is understandable if a student may prefer to go to a campus to get the experience of campus life. However, if all you desire is commit yourself to achieve your full potential in a setting that enables you to advance at your own desirable pace, then online education is the best option for you.

Networking Opportunities

Online education provides a platform where students can network themselves. The students can work with peers who are located in different locations on the globe, and some may hold various positions in the work environment. This interaction may result in internships and other collaborations relating to the student's career. Apart from opportunities, the student is sensitized on the different cultures that exist thus enabling them to fit comfortably in different environments as they have previous experience interacting with different cultures.

Social Media as a Promotional medium for Online Education

Chokri (2012) identifies the internet and website as one of the fastest, most common and effective communication means. Social media has been recognized as one of the most influencing methods of marketing. For online education, social media can be useful in spreading the awareness of the various classes, subjects, and courses that are available online. Additionally, social media can be used to express the benefits of online education while at the same time clarifying the various assumptions that people may have in regards to social media. According to Chokri (2012), online as well as digital space are considered to be the largest area of growth and innovation in branding and marketing higher education systems. This notion is true since the majority of the population has access to social media sites. Majority of the world's population also has access to the World Wide Web (WWW), internet access as well as a proclaimed web address. Universities can use the freedom and popularity of the internet and social media sites to reach out to potential students. Most students when surfing the internet for favorite study topics and are most likely to engage in advertisements that target a specific area that we are interested in pursuing. For instance, placing ads on different social media sites that highlight the advantages of taking online classes in a particular topic has a higher chance of attracting students to enroll in the online course.

Harris et al. (2016) identify that technology has become an essential and efficient method of determining the difference between instructors and students. This difference was defined using the Online Oral Communication Learning (OOCL) for students and Three-Factor model for the tutors. These studies recognize that both students and instructors have a positive attitude toward online learning technologies. Furthermore, the studies indicate that the students have a higher tendency to become more self-efficient while using technology and therefore demonstrate higher Technology Self-Efficacy (TSE). The students also had more positive attitudes towards the OOCL as it promoted the intrinsic interests and skills of the students (Cook & Artino, 2016).

Further development in this field may result in the identification and advancement of instructor skills and attitudes towards OOCL. The online platforms such as online libraries and information that has been made available by merely logging on into a computer or any smart device such as a mobile phone have provided a luxury that was not affordable in the previous decade. The online platforms have provided students with the ability and opportunity to explore new horizons that were not available before the introduction of the internet.

Intended Persuasion Outcome for Online Education

As indicated previously, online education requires the commitment of both the university and the student. The universities need commitment as they strive to achieve a balance between online platforms and actual conventional classrooms. The students require time management skills that will help them to manage time accordingly between online classes, reading and carrying other activities such as work and taking care of the family. Even though online education guarantees that the student will enjoy flexibility, it also requires that the assignments are submitted in time before the deadlines that are assigned by the instructors. Also, online education will provide the student with the flexibility that the student knows that they can access online classes despite their actual location. For instance, they can access the course while working in the office or while...

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