The Process of Nurturing the Infants: Creating Space for the Baby Essay

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Date:  2022-07-08

The process of nurturing the infants leads to families making adjustments and changing the roles of various members to accommodate the newborn. The childbearing impact is felt by the guardians considering that multiple tasks must be completed to ensure that the kid leads a healthy life (Kaakinen, Coehlo, Steele & Robinson, 2018). One of the functions according to Family Developmental and Life Cycle Theory is making arrangements to create space for the baby.

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It is critical to ensure that the baby is living in a safe and secure environment to ensure that they develop well and avoid contradicting diseases that may lead to their death considering that their immunity is low and they may not manage to fight ailments (Xu, Chen, Zhang, Guo, Fu, Dai & Huo, 2015). Various factors discourage parents from making space for the infants among them financial difficulties. A teenage guardian may fear the wrath of their family members and thus opt against making space for the kid. In some communities, it is a taboo not to make space for a child before they are born due to the fear that they may die. A nurse is required to observe various issues with the patient before a child arrives among them ensuring that the family's home environment is conducive for a young kid. Food must be available considering that the mother will need to eat adequately and rely on a balanced diet to have the energy to breastfeed (PanterBrick, Burgess, Eggerman, McAllister, Pruett & Leckman, 2014). The physician can assist the parents to manage issues about making arrangements for the infant and accessing whether any belief, value or cultural practice is preventing them from making prior arrangements. The nurse can work with the people who are in areas that are not good for a young baby such as prisoners and refugees and refer them to regions that they can manage to access better facilities. In an example, when my sister was blessed with a kid, they moved to a bigger house to accommodate the new member of the family. Her husband had to work extra hours in a grocery store to meet the increased financial needs in the house.


To sum up, the roles of the various members changes when there is an a newborn with cases if ether people moving houses of buying things such as diapers, clothes, and sheets in preparation. Some communities do not support the issue of making plans for the baby before he/she is born for they think it is a bad omen. Various measures need to be taken in advance to ensure that the baby will be in a secure and safe environment.


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