Horizon Medical Billing and Coding Case Analysis

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Date:  2022-10-03

Safety at the workplace is important for every employee because it is the desire of workers to perform their jobs in a safe and protected atmosphere. Health and safety and necessity factors to industries for the promotion of wellness of employees and employers. Employees at the Horizon Medical Billing and coding need to enjoy the benefits of equal employment opportunities and safety. The workers at the medical facility work in order to receive payment for the services that they render.

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Growth opportunities are essential for all the workers in the workplace. Their engagement is also crucial to a thriving and effective organization and its growth is one of the important keys to employee engagement. In the case where the people are not challenging themselves and getting to learn better and new skills, it is possible that complacency will take over and the infection of disengagement comes in leading to the workers feeling demotivated to work (Gabbett Machinery, 2009). The employment opportunities at the workplace should edge of the growth opportunities where the employees should enjoy the initiatives of growth and get challenged over working in the current areas of expertise as they learn new skills and engage with colleagues.

Workplace health and the procedures for safety are important for workers as they provide a sense of belonging to the organization in that the workers will improve in performance and become more effective. Organizational safety for employees includes avoiding instances of harassment, threats and attacks at work which are the main issues facing workers. Many reports conclude that employees who face these kinds of insecurities tend to have. Employees should know that they are entitled to workplace safety because a safe working environment is good to ensure the existence of policies and guidelines.

A safe working environment is based on the way the people on the positions of management and other workers adhere to and communicate about the standards of safety. The foundation of any successful workplace safety effort is the one that encourages the employees to identify any behaviours that are unsafe and the opportunities for improvement as they also make well-informed decisions in the daily routine tasks (Gabbett Machinery, 2009). Many crimes get committed at the workplace I every year and there is a significant percentage of assaults that also occur at work. The reports also show that the workplace homicides in the medical facility are 80% male which is the leading cause of occupational death among the women.

Issues of death at the workplace need addressing by the human resource professionals in that the workers need to know who they should notify. The professionals then do their investigations to determine the actual happenings, the causes and what other effects are on the rest of individuals in the workplace. They are also to determine if the issue is internal or legal in case there is a need to seek the attention of the police. Human resource professionals will also design the ways that they would have used to prevent this and also implement the same in the future. They also need to determine how they will change their organizational policies and practices such that those incidences do not occur again.

There are two domains of health and safety practices that the Horizon facilities use which are reactive and proactive. Most aspects of HR are that the more proactive work that one does, the less reactive work that they will have to do though there is no actual elimination of the reactive component. The category of proactive health and safety behaviors refer to those where there is the analysis of trends and they derive policies of the organization to prevent problems. These health and safety practices involve keeping the correct posture at work. Using tools and machinery properly, using mechanical aids whenever it is possible, reporting any unsafe conditions to supervisors, staying sober and reducing the workplace stress among others. It is up to the facility managers and the owners to get the employees on board with the workplace safety efforts to encourage them to become active members.

The facility also uses the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to administer the provisions of the Act which can engage in site visits and investigations to determine the quality of the physical premises of a facility (OSHA safety training, 2011. The site visits need to be in line with the standards of OSHA that regulate the equipment and the working environments. Additionally, they will also consider the precautionary measures that the employer should take in regards to the safety of the employees.


Working with OSHA is of benefit to the facility as it helps to make sure that it remains valid and reliable by clients from every region. During these visits, they will look for anything that falls with the domains of OSHA which are hazard communication, safe equipment operation, personal protective equipment, work assignment safety and the consideration for unborn babies (OSHA safety training, 2011). The facility needs to keep a file for all the reported accidents and the responses they gave. Thus, OSHA will recommend what improvements the company needs and how they will implement the same.

All the 100 employees of Horizon Billing enjoy the benefits of a good work environment that provides safety and opportunities for growth. The organization needs to know the strategies to implement to ensure they remain the best in offering the services to the clients and also serving the customers.


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