History of a Currently Known Technology - Report Example

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Date:  2021-04-02

Communication was a difficult task in the ancient days before the discovery of the telephone. The first founders of America communicated through letters which took days to reach the recipients depending on how far they were. The Native Americans however communicated through the use of smoke signals where they created a huge puff of smoke using fire and blankets. This form of communication was used in an area where the smoke signal could be seen such as on top of mountains (Philip, 41). There was therefore need to invent an easier and faster way to communicate (Edwin and Morgan 21). The idea of an electric phone was conceptualized between the year 1844 and the year 1898 with the idea of an electric voice transmission device. Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray both came up with independent devices that could transmit speech electrically. Their two lawyers both filed a patent application for the invention of a telephone on 14th February 1876 but Bells lawyer was the first one to do so hence got the recognition for the invention.

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It is known that Bell accidentally invented the telephone while attempting to improve the telegraph. The telegraph was also a successful system but was only limited to sending and receiving one message at a time (Cook, 285). Bells harmonic approach of the multiple telegraphs was based on the principle that several notes or signals of different pitch could be transmitted along the same wire. The telephone operated for many years in America as scientists came up with better ways to make an improvement (Robert, 272). The satellite phones then came into existence and were more convenient because they could be used anywhere since they were transmitted by satellites unlike telephones which were transmitted by towers.

The invention of the fibre optic cables led to huge advancements that led to the developments of cellular phones. Cellular phones grew really fast and became more demanding with the continuous innovation of new applications that are more suitable to the present humanitarian needs (Michael, 590). Cellular phones have become a necessity in the commercial world and have greatly improved the world economy because of their flexibility.


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