Political Causes of American Civil War Essay Example

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Various political issues contributed to the American civil war which includes; One, The Missouri Compromise. Following the 1803 Louisiana Purchase which compelled the Congress to come up with a policy which would guide the slavery expansion into to the new Western territory. Consequently, about the Missouri's application for statehood had sparked a debate that was believed to be bitterer. There was need by pro-slavery factional a congressional majority. However, out of the discussion, there were series of agreements that were reached and were later termed as Missouri Compromise. Concerning this, there was an admission of Missouri as a slave state while on the other hand Marine was made a free country, this was to ensure the preservation of the Congressional balance. As a result of this, a boundary was put through the Western territories that were unincorporated dividing North and South free slave.

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Other than that, come the year 1831 (Nat Turner, 1831) he ignited the rebellion that covered several plantations in the Southern Virginia. As a result of the war, sixty White people were killed by cohorts. In return to this, the militia infantry was deployed to counteract the rebellion after days of terror. However, fifty-five slaves were captured and executed behind this rebellion. Notably, even though there were some other rebellions but the Turner's rebellion proved to be bloodiest. This also contributed to the reaction to the crisis by Virginia lawmakers to roll back all the possessions by few Civil rights slave.

Additionally, the proposal of Wilmot Proviso which was a piece of legislation at the close of Mexican -American war. According to this legislation, when passed, it was going to outlawed slavery in territories that were acquired by the United States because of the war, whereby most of the South West and all the way to California were included.

Similarly, during the bleeding Kansas which became an Act by 1854 was passes, whereby, several threats were imposed in the house of chambers, in return some parts of the Missouri Compromise were overturned paving the way for the settlers in the two territories to determine whether slaves can be subjected to popular votes. Furthermore, Dred Scott Sanford who was a slave in Virginia had attempted to sue for his freedom in court. However, this matter went to the level of Supreme Court whereby they ruled that, Sanford had no opportunity to be accorded any human right. Along similar lines, during the election of Abraham Lincoln as the president. It was clear that he never had more votes from Southern ballots. However, being a Republican and his party being anti-slavery created many fear to Southerners.

Economic causes of civil war by 1820 -1060

Years before the Civil War, the financial interest of Americans in the North and Southwest had grown intensively as opposed to those of Americans in the South and Southwest. Therefore, concerning contrasting economies, primarily, the United States of American in the years before, during and after the civil war, predominantly majority of the population were living in rural areas, farms and small towns not excluded. Notably, the industrial revolution had hit England before it established itself in the former colonies". Since industrial manufacturing was mainly taking place in the North many factories were built in the North and South. Concerning the country's free population South had 25% but with only 10% of the country's capital by 1860. While on the other side, the north had five times more than what is being owned by South and even more factory workers as compared to their counterparts. Fundamentally, the labor force in the north and south were utterly different. In the north labor was more expensive, mobile and captive as well. It was as a result of influx immigration from both Asia and Europe which imposed labor market thus creating wages to go up. In clarity, labor in the southern economy was predominantly African American slaves who felt full oppression and hence were meant to provide cheap labor.

Furthermore, with the invention of cotton gin made the cotton industry to be lucrative especially to southern planters and farmers whereby utilization of labor was maximized. Thus more cotton was produced and exported to England. However, in exchange southerners were to get manufactured goods from the north, imported luxuries like designer and clothes as well.

Under economic factors secession. The divide had widened between the north and northwest, south and southwest even though it started as earlier as Missouri Compromise were the real fear had by the southerners, whereby, their voices in the Congress were not considered, this later contributed to some protest by southern against the "Tariff of Abominations, "and the Nullification crisis could significantly explain how this rift had been. According to the representatives and senators, there were sure the Congress would not listen to their grievances, they were as well afraid that the northern areas would even bring more representatives in the house of representatives and thus their friendly legislations could not be heard.

Finally, under economics and the Union victory, despite all the advantages had by confederacy having owned well-trained officers and caused dedication, undeniably, it was apparent the union would win the war while on the side of confederacy they could only have hope in case union would have accepted the secession. Once the union had agreed for the unity with European decisions to remain neutral would mean that there was not going to be long-term hope for the Confederacy.

How race contributed to civil war by 1820-1860

With the contribution of Southern spokesmen (Uncle Tom's Cabin, 1852) and Harriet Beecher, the two personalities had opposed slavery imposed on African slaves. Immediately after the formation of abolitionists' movement, they were afraid of race war, whereby blacks would kill many whites especially in the countries where whites were the minorities. This raised the alarm to the south, and they decided to embrace the intellectual defense of slavery. They managed to come up with some magazines that were giving warnings on the impending dangers of relying on the northern economy. According to the review by De Bows, it came out as the leading voice of secession.

However, other factors contributed to the civil war in America they include, religious conflicts over the slavery question. Immediately after the American Revolution and the establishment of government-sponsored churches, the massive Protestant rival was evicted, the churches were not for the exploitation of blacks in plantation farms, and therefore, they decided to advocate for the rights of slaves.

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