Hispanic Children and Youth Including

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Date:  2021-03-03


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The U.S government has formed a Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, Inc. (CHCF) (2013) that functions to ensure that the New York City's communities are strengthened. This is achieved through several factors such as; a blend of direct services, advocacy at the local state, and resources. The primary goal of researchers is to establish and develop a research agenda and assess the critical issues in the status of Hispanic knowledge.

In this research, I have identified several key knowledge areas that affect Hispanic children including; Transmigration, Heterogeneity, Immigration policies, Social Isolation, and Acculturation. Immigrants may stop migrating over time while trans-migrants continue to move to different regions for economic reasons, Priess (2004). The movement interferes with the children's education. Also, Immigration policies may adversely affect the Hispanic and cause stressors due to the effects of transmigration. For instance, numerous reports have been made that Mexican migrants are subjected to hardships and face discrimination from both U.S. and Mexican border officials (Escobar-Latapi, 1999). The adverse interchange is a major concern because they often cross national borders and expands the gap in the Hispanic literature.

The use of different assessment methods will aid in ensuring that information is effectively passed to Hispanic children. These methods are Effective Teaching, Learning objective, and Curriculum assessment. Effective teaching will play a significant role in ensuring that pupils are continuously motivated to enable them to make progress in their education. Also, Powerpoint presentations are crucial in assessing the learning objectives. The summative evaluation should be conducted to provide accurate feedback on the teaching methodology; the activities used, student response, and their performance.



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