Health Disparities Among Black and Hispanic Populations Essay

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Date:  2022-09-22

Globally, ethnic and health disparities tend to cover a wide area specifically entailing, social-economic factors, multifactorial, lifestyle, social conditions and access to quality healthcare widely. Generally, health indicators that aim to denote progress in healthcare goals tend to indicate ethnic and racial disparities. From a diverse perspective, health disparities are evident in all ethnic populations and on the higher end, the disparities affect how these groups receive health care more than others. The Hispanic and the black population sum up to make some of the smallest ethnic groups in America. These groups stand a great risk of having poor health outcomes contributed to access to poor health services. The scope of this research is to evaluate how ethnic disparities affect access to health care among black and Hispanic population denoting these effects coherently.

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Health care disparities for both Hispanic and black populations can mean a lower quality of life, loss of economic opportunities, pre-marital deaths and rising cases of injustice. From a diverse perspective, health care disparity for black and Hispanic populations can lead to minimal productivity, social inequities and increased health costs. Most of the limitations to quality health care include minority and racial status, no insurance covers and levels of poverty. Some of the terminal diseases like cancer become a burden to most families under the bracket of being either African American or Hispanic. Hispanic communities are faced with socioeconomic problems that expose them to a high probability of having heart diseases. In most Hispanic families, most people stand a lower chance o not graduate from high school as compared to other ethnic groups like the whites. Also, compared to the whites, Hispanic populations are less likely to have health insurance covered compared to whites which are also the same case for African Americans.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in 2001 cancer was the leading killer disease for African Americans. These findings are pivotal basics that cancer among other diseases continues to affect the black population widely and this is triggered to some factors like lack of awareness about the importance of cancer screening, system, and institutional barriers and poor preventive health care services. Also, according to the NCI (National Cancer Institute), the mortality rate caused by cancer and other related illnesses among the Hispanic populations were approximately 42 percent. Drawing facts from these findings, it is undeniable that both Hispanic and black populations are less privileged when it comes to receiving quality health care. The main idea behind the scope of the paper is to evaluate keenly in the main factors that lead to these outcomes in health.

Hispanic and black populations are faced with different types of stress that are directly related to discrimination and racism that go further to be evident in the health care systems like in the United States. These high levels of stress also contribute to the risk of having diseases like heart complications and stroke. Arguably, most Hispanic and black individuals are unaware of the dangers that are brought about by some of the leading killer diseases. Lack of information about the risk factors of some diseases is also part of the reason that leads to poor health conditions among the black and Hispanic populations. In addition to that disease, awareness is one of the solutions that can be used to address health disparities among black and Hispanic populations. The deterioration of health among the blacks and the Hispanic people is mainly triggered by effectiveness in health services and the care given to them. As a results mortality rates tend to increase year by year among these groups. Also, the quality of life that is led by both black and Hispanic people is low and below the standards of an average earning person.

Widely, society suffers from the burden of disease, premature deaths and a high number of immune weak people. Different conditions tend to emerge in the community in relationship to poor health services in relation disparities that are present in the healthcare systems. Some of the leading causes of deaths in both Hispanic and Black communities are directly related to health disparities. The mortality rates, the morbidity rates, and the health risk factors tend to increase often due to the inaccessibility to quality and advanced healthcare to these groups. As a result, the elimination of disparities requires appropriate community support, public health initiatives and easy access to quality healthcare. Most of the individuals who come from both Hispanic and black tend to face challenges when finding the right medical attention which leads to the concept of ethnicity discrimination.


In a nutshell, the scope of this research is to identify the main effects of health disparities among Black and Hispanic populations. The aim is also to identify the main factors that contribute to health disparities most of them being lifestyle behaviors, socioeconomic factors social conditions, and difficult to access quality health care services. These problems tend to trigger various adverse effects that are experienced in the black and Hispanic populations like a decrease in the number of individuals who are medically fit.

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