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Guest services are the services, amenities, and help that providers offer the guest. All businesses are service businesses, which makes an individual want to provide better and affordable services to attract more consumers. One of the views that have changed over the term is being able to differentiate different types of services. Some of these services include service industry, function as a product, customer service, and services that are derived.

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In the case of a service industry, it is a form of a company whose main product is offering services to the clients. When service is referred to as a product, it is the situation when consumers in the marketplace pay for a wide range of intangible products. Apart from that, there is the customer service that is the service that is provided by the company to its clients when the purchase commodities from them. On the other hand, a service that is derived is the value that comes up with the merchandise offering the service to the product (Buttle, 1998, p.250). Through this, therefore, an individual can quickly know the type of services he or she wants to be provided to him or her. It helps create the attention one needs when it comes to purchasing of the services. In any case, a service is being offered to an individual, he or she puts into consideration its quality. That is if the service is of good quality or not, which will help determine whether he or she will seek the same assistance from the same provider or not. For instance, in the case of sport and entertainment, if the services being offered are poor, the best way is to let providers know. This will help them understand how to improve the services they are contributing making them meet the need you need. Service provision can be improved through the right hiring of the employees who should meet the required specification to qualify as an employee of the firm.

Building an Influential Customer Service Culture

Consumers need services that are of good quality and worth what they pay. Due to this, therefore, there are various ways through which businesses build an influential customer service culture. One of the methods is by being able to identify the customers' expectations (Gronroos, 1990, p.7). This is the reference point where the firm gets to compare what it offered to the consumers and how they took the service. Through knowing what the consumer needs help the firm see the way and means by which they will provide the service. For instance, in the sports industry, most of the consumers want to have an excellent time while watching the sport they love. Therefore, to do this, all you need is to make sure that your customers get the time of their life by making that moment memorable. Through this, therefore, most of the customers will be back as they need the experience they felt.

Apart from that, there is the offshoring of personal consumer services. This is where a firm hires or uses personnel who is in foreign nations and is good at the services being offered to handle its consumers. Through this, therefore, the firm can provide the best service to the consumer as they look for individuals who are best in the specific service needed (Dahl & Peltier, 2015). Therefore, in the sports industry, this applies in that you bring in people from different nations that can offer the needed service to the consumers well. Consumers will keep on coming if the service is well and bring even more people who will help improve the business.

In most of the jobs offered people commence at a bottom level then keep on advancing. At a low level, there are some of the policies that may hinder you from achieving the very best. When it comes to the industry of sport if some policies and procedures hinder the excellence in the provision of services one should have a meeting with the board and discuss with them how some rules may be avoided to meet consumer needs. This will involve a lot of convincing as the board will need to be assured of success if some of the rules are dropped.

Model of Customer/Guest Service That Leads to Customer Loyalty

Most of the customers end up using the purchasing services from the same service provider. This is what is referred to as customer loyalty. One of the ways to gain customer loyalty is through explicit service promises. These are the personal and nonpersonal statements about the service that are made by the company to the consumers (Lu, Berchoux, Marek & Chen, 2015, p.169). They are said to be personal when they come from the firm's service provider and nonpersonal if they come from the firm's advertisement or webpages. Through promises, the company can give guarantee to the individual that it will provide the service being requested the best way possible.

Apart from that, there is the word of mouth communication that helps the business to shape the consumers' expectations. At this point, the parties involved apart from the company to give the consumers clue of what they expect from the business. This makes it easy where consumers cannot evaluate for the purchase of a particular commodity before having direct contact with them. On the other hand, there is the experience (aul, Mittal & Srivastav, 2016, p.610). How a consumer was served the previous time he or she was purchasing a specific commodity helps in determining whether he or she will be back again. If the customer is treated well when buying a product, this means that he or she will be back, which helps in the promotion of the customers' loyalty. These essentials relate to each other in that they involve dealing directly with the customers.

This, however, is applied to sports venue and event businesses whereby you set up a meeting of the consumers before the due date of the event to identify their expectations. For instance, if an usher promises a particular customer to provide something on a specific day, he or she should be prepared to accomplish the promise to meet the needs of the consumer.

Biblical Principles and How They Blend Into the Concepts of Guest Service

There are a lot of beliefs when it comes to religions. Most of the people acquiring services from various firms expect that the firm will provide these services depending on these beliefs. For instance, the moment of truth whereby a customer expects that the service provider will offer what was requested to him truthfully without wanting to still (Hill & Alexander, 2017). This helps in building trust, which keeps on bringing in new customers and retaining the original ones. Therefore, for one to keep on acquiring loyalty from these customers he or she needs to be truthful. For the organization to be able to do this, they need leverage both the scriptural truth and guest services through ensuring that the two do not conflict allowing them to provide their services to their consumers without any limitations.

Worst Service Failure Experienced in the Term

One of the worst service failures experienced this term was when people had gathered for a sports events then ended up not experiencing the moment of the game the way they expected (Hill & Brierley, 2017). Some of the people did not have seats while others did not have snacks, which would keep them going when the game went on the break. This left a lot of customers bored and with a lot of complains that they left even before the game was over. Therefore, one of the things learned is that customers' expectations must be fulfilled in order to retain them. Apart from that is being truthful, whereby this encounter leaves the customer satisfied. That is ensuring that everything one promised is brought at his or her table, leaving each one happy.

An Essential or Valuable Takeaway From the Course

From what one has learned; one can conclude that the most significant point acquired from the course was on the service encounters or moments of truth. Each person expects the whole truth from the other person, which also applies to businesses. A good example is that an individual acquiring a service will require the service provider to be genuine on the details of the service without holding back the bad ones. By any chance, the service provider is telling the truth the customer will be delighted and happy to be served by him or her, which will gain the loyalty of the customer.


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