Greek Mythology: Trojan War Essay Example

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Date:  2022-08-23


Trojan War is one of the most magnificent classical Greek mythology of a war that was waged by the Achaean alliance against the city of Troy. The war was as a result of a conflict between three goddesses on who shall own the golden apple that was thrown by the goddess of strife at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. Zeus was unwilling to settle the dispute and sent the goddesses to Paris who was the young prince of Troy at the time, and he gifted the apple to Aphrodite because he was promised Helen as a token of gratitude. Helen was the most beautiful girl, but she was already married to Menelaus. Paris eloped with Helen to Troy and Menelaus incited by Agamemnon assembled the army of Achaean alliance and led them to attack Troy. After ten years of besieging Troy Odysseus created the Trojan Horse ruse which was used to infiltrate the city of Troy (Raaflaub), This paper will modernize the Trojan Horse Greek mythology using modern states in alliance against a state to safeguard trade interests based on the pact between the countries to protect each other trade interests. The leaders of the nations will represent the Achaean leaders, and a modern-day state will represent the city of Troy.

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Modern Context and Mythology Terms

The Alliance of Nations-Achaean Leaders (Trump (USA), Netanyahu (Israel), Trudeau (Canada), Macron (France), Merkel (Germany), May (UK), Turnbull (Australia), Abe (Japan), and Temer (Brazil).

  • Russia-Troy
  • Putin (Paris)
  • Rutskoy (Hector)
  • Odysseus (Japan)
  • Achilles (Britain)
  • Helen (Kim Jong Un)
  • Menelaus (Trump)
  • Agamemnon (Netanyahu)
  • Alliance of Nations Presidents (Achaean Alliance)
  • The Alliance of Nations War (Trojan Horse War)
  • Aphrodite (Xi Jinping)

The War Background

The Alliance of Nations War will take place in 2025 caused by a trade dispute between Trump (Menelaus) and Putin (Paris) the president of Russia (Troy) due to the trade and nuclear interest's disputes in North Korea/Kim Jong Un (Hellen). In 2024, Putin meets with Chinese president Xi Jinping who promises him control over North Korea in exchange for nuclear technology (the Apple of discord) that Russian astronauts in space have stumbled upon from an Alien ship. Putin has over the years eyed North Korea due to the countries resources and also as an external market for Russian goods. However, North Korea under a treaty had become a protectorate of the United States under the leadership of Trump. While Trump was attending a United Nations crisis meeting, Putin was helped by Jinping to go to North Korea and sign an agreement of protection in exchange for raw materials and market for Russian industries. This was the beginning of an all-out war between the Alliance of Nations which had previously signed a treaty to protect the interests of the United States of America in North Korea. Trump calls for help from the Alliance of Nations who responds due to the agreement that was previously signed amongst them. Netanyahu who is a close friend of Trump encourages Trump for an invasion of China where Kim Jong Un had gone in exile for protection by Putin.

The Chinese Plot and the Promise of North Korea to Putin (Judgment of Paris)

China (Aphrodite) is aware of the immense wealth in resources and market in North Korea and competing with two other nations to advance their nuclear prowess. The atomic technology causes discord between China and its allies and China uses North Korea as the bargaining chip to get the nuclear technology from Putin (Paris). The United Nations has been unable to resolve how the new knowledge will be shared amongst competing nations Putin was given the opportunity to decide on whom shall have the technology. Putin gives the technology to China in exchange for North Korea which was becoming a country of strategic importance to many world leaders.

Competition for North Korea and the Oath of Nations (Suitors of Helen and the Oath of Tyndareus)

Many countries apart from China were already of the strategic importance of North Korea in Asia, and many countries sent their envoys to North Korea. This situation increased tensions between the states and at the end, the United States was given rights over North Korean resources and its vast market. This was aimed at reducing possible conflicts between countries seeking control over North Korea. South Korea which was the caretaker of North Korea urged Japan (Odysseus) to make all the nations which had interests in North Korea to sign a peace agreement and to protect the United States and North Korea. This arrangement was arrived at before South Korea decided to give the control of North Korea to the United States. Trump was made an influential leader in the Korean politics, and all the world nations joined together to create the Achaean alliance.

Putin Control and North Korea Secret Alliance

While in a climate change crisis meeting in New York, China led a Russian delegation to North Korea where an alliance between Putin and Kim Jong Un was reached in secret, and North Korean president traveled to Russia for protection. Trump was furious on the actions of Putin and Netanyahu (Agamemnon) who was very close to Trump urged him to attack Russia by invoking the oath of Nations which had previously vowed to protect the USA and North Korea treaty. All the alliance nations joined hands to create an army and gave out resources that were used to fund the Russian invasion.

Shinzo Abe Recruitment

Abe, the Japanese prime minister at the time, was dealing with an internal problem caused by an enormous tsunami which had devastated the coastal cities of Japan. When Trump and Netanyahu called for his help, Abe made the tsunami an excuse, but one of the Alliance leaders knew it was just an excuse and threatened to impose sanctions against Japan companies. Abe agreed to join the alliance in the war against Russia and soon after Britain which was a powerful nation with the best navy that was feared at the time joined the fight.

The Failure of Diplomacy and the Blockade on Russia

Britain and Japan initiated democracy with Russian to ensure a peaceful solution, but Russia was adamant to return the control of North Korea to the USA which prompted a naval blockade by the Alliance of Nation for nine years. Russia used its nuclear weapons to threaten the Alliance of Nations from a full invasion of Russian territories.

The Space Missiles (Trojan Horse)

Japan was a major technology hub and a leader in space weaponry. The Russian nuclear weapons were a significant threat and a set back to the Alliance of Nations which slowed down the attack and increased the cost of the war. In such of a quick solution, Shinzo Abe developed space-based missile system that targeted Russian Nuclear installations leading to the death of many people and helped the Alliance of Nations to invade Russia which was subdued and both Putin and Rutskoy killed. However, during a meeting by the Alliance of Nations leaders in a cruise ship in the Mediterranean the ship is hit by an underwater volcano and they all perish.

Work Cited

Raaflaub, Kurt A. "Homer, the Trojan War, and History." The Classical World, vol. 91, no. 5, 1998, pp. 386-403. JSTOR, JSTOR,

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