Gaining Moral Resilience: Defining My Moral Compass - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-25


Because nursing can be mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting, it results in calling one's moral principles frequently. Normal clinical practice can decrease nurse's compassion and evidence-based care of clients (patients). It is for this reason where gaining moral resilience will enable me to get back after a tight and challenging situation. In a bid to increase my moral resilience, I will do the following, defining my moral compass - having been through certain tough situations or outcomes, it will be great and wise for me to refine or define my feelings towards situations I have experienced before. Defining my code of moral conduct. This will entail thinking about my feelings to set my code of ethics to follow to ensure I give out my best as a nurse. I will do this in writing to be more effective and purposeful. Grow Self-awareness. This involves me realizing and being willing to agree that my feelings are based on my moral code of conduct and that it may be biased or based on my standards morally. Cultivate self-regulation. As far as I am self-aware, I need to develop self-regulation, which includes my ability to notice and reply to signals from emotions and thoughts to rebuild balance when ethical challenges are encountered. Looking for outside assistance to help me to tackle complex ethical circumstances. Finding morally resilient mentors who will assist me in building my moral resilience. Locating meaning in the event of despair. Dr. Rushton once said that when confronted by seemingly senseless situations, meaning can be an antidote to despair. In the event, I see myself struggling to encounter a morally intense situation; I will attend debriefing sessions, read journals, or seek assistance from my trusted mentors (Yoder, L. 2017).

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Me being a nurse is my calling and am passionate about it. It is for this that I ensure that I administer medical care, respond to patient queries, and informing my supervisor on any concerns. I will do the following, observing and recording behavioral patterns of patients, executing diagnostic tests and physical examinations, gathering patient health histories, fostering patient medications, translating information of patient and coming up with accurate and viable decisions about necessary actions and spearheading research and innovation aimed at improving healthcare processes and patient outcomes (Viele, C. M. 2018).

Innovative industries worldwide have leveraged the qualities of self -discipline, willingness, curiosity, and humility long ago, unlike the healthcare industry, which is being dawdled to catch up. Desire will involve my recognizing that change is needed and my readiness to do so. I must take responsibility for poor medical outcomes and put remedies towards the same. Humility is the best determinant of outcome and process execution. I will be humbled to be in a position to acquire services and support of experts in my field of profession as well as those fields I have the know-how to achieve the best results. The curiosity will make me fix loopholes in the medical care system to ensure a more efficient and health care system. Perseverance will enable me to attack any difficulty in healthcare and the belief that no problem is unsolvable.


Viele, C. M. (2018). Moral Distress in Emergency Medical Services (Doctoral dissertation, Johns Hopkins University).

Yoder, L. (2017). Nursing: The balance of mind, body, and spirit. MedSurg Nursing, 26(2), 75-76.

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