Gaining Advanced Business & Economics Knowledge at Master's Level - Personal Statement

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Date:  2023-03-23


As an undergraduate from the school of business and economics, I have gained extensive and comprehensive knowledge of basic economic concepts and different business frameworks. Depending on my social and academic experience, I have gained an interest in studying economics at master's level from your Institution. I believe that the experience and knowledge I am going to acquire from this new level of studies will equip me with advanced concepts to understand business logic from a data perspective. I have received various honors and awards due to my passion and effort towards academics, for example, in 2017; I was awarded by the dean of the student of Cal State University Marcus GPA of 3.69. The same year I also received an award for being the best student in Economic and business analysis research proposal.

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I am an international Chinese student, and I have gained vast experience both from the classwork and outside the class works. First, I had the privilege to be a member of Chinese Union at San Diego State University, where I have been working for a year, and now in the event planning department, I have planned many activities for Chinese students, such as freshmen pick-up, Mid-autumn moon cakes, etc. In 2009, I went to Japanese Junior High School for training and exchange programs for ten days, where I gained various skills in economics and business programs. In 2013/09/14, I attend a study for a year at the University of Kiel in the UK, about business management and analysis. I did my internship at Shenzhen City Ideal Education Investment Co., Ltd, at the position of marketing department assistant, where I learned more about marketing strategies, analysis and planning. The skills the I acquired in my internship will help me greatly in my further studies in economics.

I want to apply a major in economics. Economics is a discipline which helps, business people and economists to use skills, technologies, applications and processes to gain insight in their businesses and economy, based on data and statistics to make decisive decisions. I want to apply for a major in economics because I desire to help various business owners to make wise decisions and rescue them from business failure. I also believe that this can help me also to start and smoothly run my own company in future. The economics major is a subject about analyzing business data, decision making and setting up a budget based on the available resources. I chose this major because it will equip me with economic concepts and principles that will help me start a business in China and progress well in the marketing sector.

Applying economic concepts to analyze business data has already helped me identify key business opportunities and make smart decisions on business ventures that create value for customers successfully. For example, two years ago together with my friend, we conducted market research and realized that there, was need to establish an institution that offers superior after-class tutoring services for the middle-school students in our home town, where there were already many established companies who were providing the extracurricular courses. After the research, we realized that most students enjoyed classes with few students than those with many students. Thus, to fill the niche, we established institution with small-sized classes and hired 30 teachers, and as a result of a well-designed marketing and advertising campaign, hundreds of students enrolled in our courses until all of our offered classes were full. At the end of the term, over 90% of the teachers and students expressed great satisfaction with our courses. This successful entrepreneurial activity was a significant motivator behind my interest in economics.

To gain more understanding of economics from an academic perspective, I have enrolled myself to a high-tech company analysis program which majors in the study of various ways to carry out data analysis and statistics on business matters. The project involved developing multiple suggestions for the company after technical analysis. The company was mainly a producer of Hello Kitty brand, and it wanted to change from Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) to Original Design Manufacturing (ODM). After a thorough discussion with my team members, I realized the company could do well as a toy industry. I gathered enough data, including industry scale and market share of leading enterprises, and birth rates in recent years since babies are the potential future market if the industry change to produce toys. Finally, I gave some suggestions, for example, the company should fix its weaknesses, marketing and sales channels. The owner of the company agreed with my team's recommendations, and he reminded us that consulting is an outstanding job which involves, identifying a problem and providing a solution. I aim to specialize in economics major, especially business statistics, through the master program.

After graduation, I want to base my research on consultancy and become an experienced consultant in a global market, and companies such as IBM and Roland Berger International. I would also like to establish a consulting company which will help both the large and small scale companies to make the right decisions based on the analyzed data and economic statistics of the actual position of an economy of our country. I also want to conduct research and learn about corporate social effects.

I am a capable research person since I have gained enough skills from the classwork, from the internship and from the high-tech company of analysis program, which I joined and together with other programs, I can correctly perform research on economic analysis. For, example through, research project the lecturer gave at the end of this semester, I got A. Also, I am best at drawing analysis and math. In college, I scored mainly A or A- in mathematics classes.

I am very much enthusiast to good leadership, and while on the internship, I was the leader of a research team on marketing strategies, where also I developed communication skills through solving the problems that could arise between our colleagues. And through interaction with each other, our leadership and communication skills improved.

I can work under any condition, both pressure and calm condition with minimal supervision. I believe in trying before giving up, and I like associating with people who are full of positivity than negative thoughts. According, to hobbies I love watching any economics video clips, reading magazine, newspapers and books on the business management system, my favorite book being "The business of the 21st century," By Robert Kyosaki. I also enjoy swimming in my leisure time.

Finally, as a business school student from China, I can also share my unique perspective of Chinese enterprises for academic research in class. Besides, I intend to hold Chinese Salons to teach my fellow students more about China. The economic concept will give me a deeper understanding of business and a positive push towards my future career of being an economist. I am eager to fully devote myself to the courses and improve my skills as a creative and original thinker. I believe that your educational environment in your institution will provide me with the economic concepts skills and experience to become a successful economist and business leader in the future since it has adequate resources for learning and I have learned that it is the best institution offering Economics program.

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