Nazis and Their Rise to Power Essay Example

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Date:  2022-09-22

Nazis refer to the people who supported the Nazi Party in Germany. The party was active in the year 1920-1945, and it was against the government that was leading Germany at that time. Nazism was started by individuals who believed that Germans were the only group of people who could live, lead, and benefit from the country's resources. It was based on the racist ideologies of its supporters who were also aimed at fighting those who had big businesses and those who supported capitalism in the country. In short, the part was against the post-war democratic government. Among the top heads of the party was Adolf Hitler who led it to power since its beginning in 1920.

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First of all, the Nazism party came into recognition in 1920 after it changed its name from Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (DAP). Adolf Hitler had already joined the party, and he emerged to be he igniters against the Germany government. They actively supported Germany pride and anti-Semitism. The party was also actively involved in fighting against the Treaty of Versailles which had been signed in 1919 to bring peace after the First World War. The party members claimed that the conditions of that treaty were not favorable, especially to the Germans who lived an ordinary life since they had to pay for the reparations (Kershaw 178). Under the leadership of Hitler, the party was focused on fighting for the rights of common Germany by trying to force the government to reject the restitution that they were supposed to pay.

Soon after Adolf Hitler joining the party and becoming its leader, it started to gain fame, and many people joined it. Hitler was a good speaker in that his campaigns against the reparations impeded on Germany made sense to many Germans. Throughout the 1920s, Hitler went around with other followers of the party with a goal of attracting many people to the party. Among the issues addressed by Hitler were the employment, inflation of process of goods in Germany, economic depression, and hunger in post-war Germany ("The History Place - Rise of Hitler: A New Beginning", 2018). The issues expressed by Hitler were affecting the ordinary residents in the country, and therefore, Hitler gained the support of the Germans. The Germans were the front-bearers in supporting the party since they were the most affected economically after the war.

In 1923, Hitler and other Nazi Party supporters attempted to bring a revolution by holding the Beer Hall Putsch in Munich. They wanted to take over the government in Bavaria which was a state in Southern Germany. Unfortunately, the attempt failed terribly. Hitler, who was the party leader was arrested and convicted for five years. However, he spent less than a year behind bars. His arrest and short-term stay in jailed added his fame. After being released, he focused on rebuilding the Nazi Party which had disintegrated after his arrest.

As explained earlier, the First World War left Germany in poverty. The country suffered silently in the 1920s. However, in 1929, the country experienced an economic depression which left many residents without employment. While the government was in the state of despair, the Nazi Party was gaining more support as they convinced many people that they would bring change in the country. In July 1932, elections were held, and the Nazi Party managed to secure 230 out of 608 seats in the Germany government (Kitson 135). In January the following year, Adolf Hitler was appointed as the Germany Chancellor. As a result, his Nazi Party took charge of all the proceedings in Germany.

The new governance under Adolf Hitler came with many changes. First of all, all other parties in the country were banned, leaving the Nazi Party as the only dominant party. Since Hitler was against other races residing in the state, he opened a prison Dachau which was to accommodate the political prisons in the country (Heiser and Teberner 26). As a result, the Jews who were in the state were taken there for detention and suffering. Also, other groups of people whom Hitler counted among those who were unfit to stay in the country were taken in the camp of misery. Such people included homosexuals, the physically and mentally disabled, artists, and intellectuals among others.

Apart from imposing suffering to the innocent resident, Hitler led the Nazi's Germany current policy to withdraw the Treaty of Versailles. The move restored Germany to its top rank among other countries in the world. In addition, Hitler commanded the Europe map to be redrawn so that the state can get a bigger space. Besides, Hitler rebuilt the Germany army which the international order had stood against after the First World War. He also led Germany in quitting from the League of Nations. After that, he annexed Czechoslovakia, and Austria which had become independent before. After that, they went ahead to capture Poland, and this attracted the attention of France and Great Britain thus declaring war to Germany (Satyanath 501). Surprisingly, the six of Nazi Party leadership under Adolf Hitler resulted in preparations for World War II.

With the aim to conquer France and Great Britain, Adolf Hitler started making military plans. Germany formed Alliances with Japan and Italy under the Tripartite Pact of 1940 and in 1941, they invaded the Soviet Union. They went on trying to conquer the world superpowers. However, the United States entered the war in 1941, resulting in Germany fighting an extended scope. As a result, it was weakened in that it could no more fight to win but to survive. Finally, they lost the war to Allied state include France, Great Britain, and the United States.

After the Second World War, the Allied states occupied Germany and fought against the Nazi Party. In this way, they aimed at ensuring that the party's powers are total diminished so that the country could develop in a new way. Consequently, Adolf Hitler killed himself after realizing that he had lost the war he had begun so terribly. Only the remaining officials of the Nazi Party were convicted due to their attempt to overthrow the world and the harm they had caused to many people. After that, the Nazism which had brought a lot of tension to the world came to an end, and Germany had to develop again under new leadership.

Although the Nazi Party seemed to be concerned about the rights the Germany citizens at its launch in 1920, the outcomes of their governance since 1933 under Adolf Hitler proved that the party was aimed at achieving personal interests which included neglecting other races in the country and also those who were loyal to the previous government (Gerth 530). They even extended their brutality to the international world which resulted in their downfall after they lost the battle against the Allies. As a result, the superiority which they had spent the time to develop ended, and Adolf Hitler decided to kill himself due to humiliation and fear of what was awaiting him.

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