Paper Example on Ways in Which Frederick Douglass Resisted Slavery

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Douglass argued against slavery in his wrote essays, articles, speeches, books and published his newspaper that broadcasted his message to many readers. He mentioned that it was unkind and immoral to treat unfairly black people and referrer to them as beasts by presenting his arguments in his statements through the anti-slavery society and his tales. Douglass agitation against slavery started as he gave an account while being a slave. His narratives show a significant recognition among the blacks and few whites of the injustices they undergo as slaves as being unnatural and brutality of slavery, which is the major components of his arguments. He argued that blacks were full humans and ridiculed slavery for hypocrisies and contradictions. He pointed out that blacks are human and not beasts and questioned the existence of special law barring free actions of slaves such as protesting against their masters or white men. He argued that blacks are humans and should be entitled to their rights that the United States recognized. Douglass used biblical citations, took serious Christian liberation, and argued that slavery was inconsistent in the US natural historical progress.

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Douglass's Philosophy of Slave Resistance

Fredrick acquired education on his own when he was a slave, and this was a threat to his master. He learned alphabets, reading, and writing by himself that made him unfit for being a slave. Fredrick would give bread to the poor white kids in exchange of lessons. He bought a book named freedom and liberty from the money he had saved, which he could read in secret to enable him, learn how to read and write well. Fredrick discouraged slavery; spoke about human rights and justice. He taxed the black people with the aim of self-independence that would enable them to overcome slavery. Lecturing in various countries, to the presidents and the top leaders made him be among the best speakers of that era.

The Effectiveness of Douglass's Method of Resistance

The speech that Douglass delivered at Canandaigua explained that the method of resistance was effective because emancipated West Indies people got their freedom and the oppressed slaves became freemen. The slave families took their rightful place, marriages got respected, education that was previously ignored spread to the liberated men and women, and the church was able to stand on the spot where the prison of the slave stood before.

Douglass's Effective Method against Slavery

Fredrick worked in close partnership with Garrison who was a publisher of a Boston newspaper company known as The Liberator. Douglass published the North Star newspaper that was his self-abolitionist newspaper. In some southern states, the press was abolished, and some lawmakers attempted to block the distribution of antislavery publications that were shared through emails. The attempts by the south of state's lawmakers to stop the distribution of the journals signifies media as the then most effective way of impacting in regards to slavery.

Most Effective Way to Combat Racial or Other Forms of Oppression Today

Education is the most effective way to combat racism. Accessing quality education has a significant role in preventing racism and other methods of oppression. It has an essential responsibility in creating new values and attitudes that provide people with critical tools of address to racism and historical injustices. Learning about racism helps a person to participate and support anti-racist events in the community.

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