Free Report on Culture Competence: Essential for Quality Nursing Practice

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Date:  2023-11-18

Cultural diversity is one of the issues that a nurse has to expect and encounter in the course of their daily practice. Lowe and Archibald (2009) posited that quality care in nursing is derived from different factors, and one of them is the ability to handle patients from different cultural backgrounds properly. While expanding on the concept, Young and Guo (2020) opined that cultural competence is nowadays a necessity in effective and efficient nursing practice. The culture concept involves excellent sensitivity to people’s set of beliefs and traditions and ensuring that one does not overstep them in care delivery. One of the most effective ways to learn the traditions and beliefs of patients is through interaction with them (Crawford et al., 2017). The process is akin to developing emotional intelligence in the course of nursing duty, and diligently applying the same in daily practice. Whenever approaching any patient as a nurse, any preexisting cultural bias must be shunned to ensure the best care.

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Cultural groups must be understood from different perspectives, and each must be taken as a particular category in its own right. Mize (2017) studied the interaction between nurses and older women patients and found out that it is a fundamental process in providing the best care to them. Safe patient care requires proper nursing leadership (Murray et al., 2018). Leadership is not just about guidance, but also the willingness to learn more about a patient. Murray et al. (2018) recommended that nurses should be in a position to thrust themselves into a learning environment about their patients. It would help them deliver safer and better quality care. Nursing is, in itself, a practice that happens in an atmosphere of differences and richness of culture. Therefore, a nurse should be trained from the onset to work with values and be nurtured to become culturally competent (Markey & Okantey, 2019). These values should go a long way in ensuring proper practice.


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