Four Ethical Models of a Physician-Patient Relationship Essay

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Date:  2022-09-26

Approaches are crucial in determining workplace conduct of any profession. In the human health, physician-patient models were developed to relate the doctor's anatomy and patient's value to enhance a healthy relationship between the patient and the doctor. In the field, the ethical approaches serve to produce the best of the doctor to improve the satisfaction of the patient despite the opinion differences that might exist between the physician and the patient.

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The priestly model that governs the doctor-patient interaction presumes mandate to the physician as the significant determiner of patient's health condition (Emanuel 2223). The practitioner has to do best to serve the interest of the patient by seeking intervention for diagnosis the disease and the effective treatment method that can have an allocation to the patient. The engineering model solemn goal is to promote the health and well-being of the patient without much patient participation, as such a doctor becomes the guardian of the victim; exploring additional knowledge to reinstate the condition of the patient. In the end, the purpose of the patient visiting a health facility gets fulfilled.

The engineering model also referred to as an informative model intends that a doctor disseminates valuable information to a patient about its health condition and provides it with options to select the best approach for illness intervention (Emanuel 2224). Under the approach, the physician offers relevant information on the disease state, therapeutic intervention, risks and benefits associated with each method expected in the retention of normal health in the patient. According to the approach, patient opinion matter where treatment depends on the decision of the patient in which the patient will be satisfied with the treatment he/she selects.

The contractual model seeks the best benefit to both the patient and physician interaction, in which the physician becomes an instructor, whereas the patient as a determiner of own health but after a thorough elucidation from the doctor (Emanuel 2222). Compared to the engineering model, in the model, the patient is the decision maker on the clinical approach to be deployed, but the physician has to spell out why they have to use that method. The contractual approach allows the doctor to work out-of-box to ensure the patients understand as to why it must select a given approach that suits its health condition.

In the collegial model, the patient interprets to the patient the nature of his health condition and the state of the disease and the patient is to act according to the understanding of its illness condition (Emanuel 2222). The physician and patient act equal with a common goal of preserving health where every party provides information on the treatment plan to be used for illness condition. The collegial approach values the physician as a counselor working in alliance with the patient to enhance the ill health recovery in a patient. The mutual respect created by the technique is what leads to satisfaction in the patient.


In conclusion, the four approaches provide a base to enhance therapeutic intervention socially accepted with both the victim and the doctor. In the event, a doctor has to seek a technique, according to how best he/she understands the condition of the illness of the patient. Patients consent is essential for adherence to medication.

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