Flash Fiction: The Indian Tribe and A Day at the Museum Paper Example

Paper Type:  Creative writing
Pages:  5
Wordcount:  1261 Words
Date:  2022-09-29

A Flash fiction is a short fiction story of about 1500 words and can be from any genre. However, the most common genres are thrillers, romance, fan fiction and sci-fi. "The Indian Tribe" and "A Day at the Museum" are examples of flash fiction.

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The Indian Tribe

Hey, dad, don't forget the promise you made to me" Charles talks to his dad with his head bent over his knees trying to tie his shoelaces. His dad pauses to flip the newspaper leaflets and stares at his son for a moment then return to his newspaper. "You said I would get a new bike when I finish my exams".

His dads adjust his spectacles and replies "only if you get good grades. I know you can do that son" he continues to flip the papers till the moment he sees a story about an unknown tribe that resides the deepest parts of the nearby forest.

Before Charles ducks outside, her mother reminds her not to forget his lunch pack. "Mum am already set" he runs out and takes his old bike. At the gate, he meets his two friends, Steven and marks waiting for him. "Hey, Charles hurry up, and tell your dad to buy you another bike," Steven jokes.

They ride slowly in a single file on their way to school. Steven seems restless while mark keeps on talking about how he hates mathematics. "What do you do to pass mathematics?" mark throws a question at Charles. Charles is shocked by the question. "um, just love the teacher, and always be completing the assignments." Mark wrinkles his face "no way, I and the mathematics teacher are eternal enemies, he doesn't love me and keeps asking me the hard questions to embarrass me in front of my classmates."

"Hey, guys have you heard of this Indian tribe that leaves in this forest" he points to the south. "I had my dad whisper something to my mother about the mysterious tribe" Steven's face becomes animated as he is excited to tell his friends about his version of the story. "This tribe can communicate with nature, imagine!. They can even tell if someone is coming from miles away. As if that's not enough, their skins glitter like they have tiny diamonds, but you can never see them unless they want you to".

"That sounds too much to believe". They must be superhumans", Mark insists.

Steven who was leading the file comes to a halt, and the other two friends come to surround him. "Why are we stopping?" Charles asks.

Steven maintains a dreamy look with his eyes fixed on the ground. "Why do we find out? . Who knows what beautiful thing awaits us? There are rumors that you can make a wish once you see one of them. Maybe marks mathematics problem would be solved. And you Charles, come and make a wish for Christmas, maybe you will get a present that you love. "

"No way am I going in the middle of such a dense forest now. We are very late" Charles disagrees with him. "Stop being a coward friend; fortune favors the bold! Steven Starts to cycle southwards. "Are you coming"? Marks starts to follow him hesitantly. Charles exhales deeply and follows them. As they move on it starts to become darker, mysterious and dark. All over a sudden, a something huge jumps in front of them. Its roar sends chills over their body. Mark ran away leaving his other friends. On seeing that, Charles screams and rides in the opposite direction. Seeing the tiger is concentrating on the mark, Steven climbs a nearby tree. As the mark is running, he falls and faces the approaching beast. As Charles is cycling back, he loses controls and comes head-on collision with a tree trunk.

The tiger was preparing to pounce on the mark when she is shot with syringes on its neck. On seeing the Charles, the game rangers become curious what he was doing there. Charles tells them to check on his other friends. Steven is found on top of a tree, very traumatized, Charles was found a mile away with a bleeding knee and a crushed bicycle.

On the next day, mark came to learn that the game ranger was his math teacher's brother. They shared the story with him, and they became friends. Even though Charles parents were mad at him, his father bought another bike because the previous one was irreparable. In that way, their dreams were fulfilled.

A Day at the Museum

As a photography student, John was in love with medieval arts and artifacts. He had convinced his other friend to accompany him to the museum. "This is going to be one of the best days of my life. Imagine seeing art that was drawn by Michelangelo and other great artist". Patrick laughs "this museums cannot afford to keep such expensive arts, most of it however, is dated back in the medieval times. I wish I could have that ability to know how exactly those people lived.". John smiles, "Don't worry Patrick, the arts and artifacts reflect their lifestyles even though not accurately."

When they reached the lobby of "Zeus National Museum", they are welcomed by a crowd of people leaving while others are coming out. They go to the reception and are directed to a section of artifacts from West Africa. John takes out his camera, eager to take note of everything in the museum. "As they are walking aimlessly in the vast section of the museum, they come across a portrait of an African woman holding a crying child. John is held spellbound, and Patrick moves on to the other paintings. When John takes a closer close, the baby stops crying. His mouth goes agape till Patrick notices. He comes closer. John takes out his camera.

On his camera, the child is not visible. He lets out a shrill scream and runs out. The museum curator asks him what the fuss is all about. When John tells the story, his ankles momentarily colliding, and the curator listens keenly. "am I dreaming." The curator taps his chin slowly "art and culture never die. We as human beings have forgotten the lives our forefathers and that angers the gods. You must be special to see such a thing. You must have a great interest in the arts. Some of the artifacts from West Africa were used for rituals. Let me show you something; maybe you will be lucky like me and please don't fear. "Shall we"

John followed him like he was in a trance. They approach another artifact that depicted a war of chariots. It was dubbed the "war of blood and dust" "look carefully and concentrate, don't fear, am here with you." John did as he was told. "I don't see anything." It had been almost five minutes, and he was almost giving up. However, on the side of his eye, he saw something move. "I think this chariot was standing," he thinks.

Slowly, the soldiers and the chariots start to move. Dust and particles mar the vision. It seems like a film. The soldiers were brave and fought vigorously. In the anal books of history, king Andrew is said to have been killed by a soldier who was believed to be a demi-god. However, in the portrait, he was killed after being stabbed with a jawbone by a young lad. Patrick joins them and asks why he was staring. "Don't you see?" John asks him. The curator laughs and walks away "not anyone can see."

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